10 Most Appealing Sexual Behaviors

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
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          When you have sex, do you find romantic behaviors appealing or do you find kinky behaviors more exciting? A 2015 survey asked more than a thousand Americans which sexual behaviors they found most appealing. The one thing that stood out the most is that the respondents, both male and female, indicated that they found sexual behaviors with a hint of romance the most appealing. Read on to find out more about which sexual behaviors Americans like the most.

#1 Vaginal Intercourse

          Vaginal sex remains the number one sexual activity American men and women like the most with more than 71% of the respondents saying having vaginal sex appealed to them. What’s surprising is that more men found vaginal intercourse more appealing than the female respondents did, with a total of 72.8% men saying they liked having vaginal sex, while only 69.9% of the women said the same.

#2 Cuddling More Often

          Although the second most liked sexual activity, cuddling is way behind vaginal sex, with only 52.8% of the total respondents saying that they liked cuddling. Not surprisingly, more women rated cuddling as a very appealing sexual activity, with 62.8% of the women saying so while it was only 41.9% for the men.

#3 Receiving Oral Sex

woman in underwear sitting on top of man while removing his jeans          Undoubtedly, receiving oral sex is not just a pleasurable experience, it’s also deeply satisfying. And it’s the top three most liked sexual activity for the survey respondents. Gender differences were also significant for this sexual activity. Sixty percent of the male respondents said they liked receiving oral sex, while only 43.3% of the women said the same.

#4 More Frequent Sex

          Almost 60% of the survey respondents said they wanted to have sex more often. What’s surprising here is that more than 20% of the female respondents said they found more frequent sex not appealing or not at all appealing while 10% of the men felt the same. On the other end of the spectrum, 58.2% of the men said they would like to have sex more often and 40.4% of the women also said the same.

#5 More Kissing During Sex

          Although more women reported that they would like to experience more kissing while having sex, the numbers do not significantly differ. More than 49% of the women said this sexual activity appealed to them while 42.7% of the men said that they liked this as well. The numbers were also similar when it comes to those who found more kissing during sex as not appealing at all, at 6.5% for the women and 6.6% for the men.

#6 Gentle Sex

          After kissing more often while having sexual intercourse, the respondents found having gentle sex as the next most appealing activity. A total of 43.9% of the respondents said they liked having gentle sex. No significant gender difference was shown, with 45.4% of the women saying they liked this sexual activity and 42.2% of the male respondents reporting the same.

#7 Massage Before Sex

          Massages are turning out to be more erotic than relaxing these days. Almost 40% of the survey respondents said they like giving or receiving a massage right before sex. However, the female respondents appeared to like this activity more than the men did, with close to 46% of the female respondents rating the activity as very appealing while only 33.8% of the male respondents felt the same.

#8 Saying Something Sweet

couple having sex in bed, spooning          Again, this shows how much people find romantic things sexually appealing. According to the survey results, saying sweet, romantic things during sex was the eighth most appealing thing for the respondents. Although, again, the women liked this more than the men did. More than 46.6% of the female respondents reported they liked saying something sweet or hearing it from their partners while only 32.7% of the men reported the same.

#9 Watching Partner Undress

          Watching your partner undress right before your eyes can definitely turn you on. This is according to 46% of the male respondents in the survey. Unfortunately, the number of female respondents who found this appealing was much lower, at only 28.5%.

#10 Having Sex In A Hotel Room

          If you’re tired of having sex in the same place, why not try to book a room for you and your partner? Thirty-six percent of all the survey respondents said that they found the idea appealing, and the numbers were similar for both genders. If you and your partner would like to try a new sexual experience but are not ready yet for more extreme or unconventional sexual behaviors, having sex in a hotel room is definitely an option for you.


Other Sexual Activities

          Just like having sex in a hotel room, having sex in other parts of the house is also very appealing to many of the survey respondents. Being naked in a jacuzzi or steam room is also considered as very erotic and is one of the activities that not many of the respondents were able to do so yet but would like to try.

          Some of the more adventurous and kinkier sexual behaviors that at least ten percent of the respondents found appealing or something they would like to try include playful biting, having rough sex, blindfolding, oral sex, and using vibrators. Many of the respondents also found visual sexual stimuli very appealing, such as watching others do sexual things, masturbating in front of the partner, or even watching porn.

Sexual Activities That Are Considered Unappealing

          There are quite a few sexual activities included in the survey that many respondents rated as not appealing at all, although the survey report did not indicate if the respondents have actually tried these activities in the past or not yet. Note that these activities were presented in the survey and not self-reported by the respondents.

          Of all the sexual activities included in the survey, going to a BDSM club, party, or dungeon was reported as the most unappealing. This was followed by going to a sex or swinger’s party. The third most unappealing sexual activity was experiencing pain as part of sex.

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