14 Simple Secrets to Improve Your Relationship and Sex Life as a Couple

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
starting the day with intimate moments

When you’re in a long-term relationship, sex has the tendency to become a routine activity. It loses the spark and excitement you once shared. On the other hand, some couples who manage to live together longer say that sex is one of the secrets that keep them together. It’s because they’re more creative in their sex life. If you want to know how they do it, read below.

  1. Nurture the relationship

A successful relationship is not all about sex. It’s also about paying more attention to your partner and the relationship. You can nourish your relationship by taking your partner out for a dinner date or simply showering them with gifts even without any occasion. Taking mini-vacations together is also a great way of breaking your routine.

  1. Enjoy each other’s company

A good relationship is one where you’re both able to enjoy your togetherness even without having sex. Some couples find happiness in sitting together but silently reading separate books. You may be both quiet, but knowing that your significant other is there with you makes the experience fulfilling.

  1. Talk about sex

While you know more about each other’s sensuality through actual experience, talking about sex while not in the bedroom helps improve your sexual experience. Try to give each other compliments for doing a great job in bed and share what each of you likes or dislikes during sex.

  1. Do a sex experiment

Engage in a sexual act that is both new to you. This means trying some positions that you’ve never tried before or having sex in a location in your house that you’ve never had sex before. Explore each other’s body and discover new regions that make you feel more sensual.

  1. Share intimate moments that doesn’t lead to sex

sweet morning kisses in bedStress is inevitable and when you’re not aware, it can take away the best in your relationship. Never allow stress to numb your togetherness. You can still enjoy intimacy by giving your stressed partner a warm hug. In times when your partner is not in the mood for sex, respect their decision and be content with giving them a gentle kiss and loving embrace. Cuddling and caressing can still make you feel loved and cared for despite the absence of sex.

  1. Do things together

Doing things together is the best activity to do when sex doesn’t excite both of you at the moment. Go to bath together, play with your pet, share household chores or simply cook your favorite dish together. Alternately giving each other a massage can be enjoyable and fulfilling too. Even watching TV or a series on Netflix can be a gratifying activity that helps deepen your relationship.

  1. Flirt with each other

Reminisce the time when you’re still in the dating phase and refresh the moves that caught your partner’s attention. Wear flirty clothes that enhance your physical assets and have fun while you create sexual tension.

  1. Stay in shape

Sometimes, being out of shape can rob you of your confidence. This plummeting self-esteem can make you feel less sexually desirable. No matter how your partner assures you that you’re more than your looks, the gnawing thought still makes you feel bad about yourself. Once you’re not feeling good about yourself, sex would no longer interest you.

On the contrary, if you’ve managed to stay in shape, which makes your partner insecure of their bodies, try to encourage them to join you in your workout. This greatly helps them physically and mentally. Self-care should be one of your priorities since the emotional state of a person can either make or break a relationship. Additionally, physical exercise has also been found to enhance your sexual performance and boost sex drive.

  1. Set aside alone time with your partner

For married couples who have children, finding time for each other may be a challenge. Men who are first-time fathers revealed that their sex life came to a halt the moment their firstborn arrived. This is absolutely true. For the first few months, you need to be content with touching, caressing, and cuddling. But once your wife recovers from childbirth, try to spend alone-time together to keep your sex life healthy.

  1. Give your partner a massage that is likely to lead to sex

When your work schedule is too hectic, the least you can think of is to have sex. Physical exhaustion can be a sex killer. But you can overcome this by relaxing your mind and calming your nerves. You can set the mood by lighting some scented candles, playing soothing music, and giving your partner a soft massage. Soon this is likely to lead to kissing and then to unexpected sex.

  1. Do something spontaneous

getting frisky in the kitchenThough some people find convenience in scheduling sex sessions, you can break the routine by being spontaneous. You can softly whisper in your partner’s ear some dirty jokes or tell them you’re not wearing anything under your pants. This can set the mood and can end in spontaneous sex.

  1. Take advantage of touch

Men get hard with an accidental touch down there. Similarly, women can get sensual once their breasts accidentally rub your body. Get closer to your partner and intentionally rub the lower part of your body into their behind. Or pretend to touch your partner’s breasts accidentally. This can be a kind of foreplay that can set her mood for sex.

  1. Create anticipation

When you’re living with your partner, you know you can have sex anytime you want. But there are times that you can’t no matter how hard you already are. It’s those times when you’re about to attend a party or schedule a date. Take a sneak peek while she’s dressing up and you already know why you’re looking forward to getting home as fast as you can later.

  1. Shop sex toys together

Sex toys are getting popular these days. If you haven’t tried any, challenge your partner by going into an adult store together. This can be challenging for both of you. But once you’ve broken the ice, you will know that it only takes a sex toy to spice up your sex life.

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