3 Remarkable Reasons Why Men Should Try Maca

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

For men looking for a natural way to enhance their sexual health, maca is a great solution. Maca has risen to superfood fame in recent years, its varied health benefits are truly remarkable.

Not only does maca help prevent numerous diseases, maca also boosts male fertility. Maca also has impressive benefits for men’s sexual health. In fact, maca has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for improving male virility.

Read on to know more about how maca can increase your reproductive potential and enhance your sexual prowess.

  1. Maca Improves Erectile Functions

Since ancient times, Peruvian tribes have been using maca to treat male sexual problems. This traditional usage of maca has long been validated by science. There’s solid evidence that maca is indeed effective in improving erectile functions and treating erectile dysfunction not only in animal models but also in human trials.

In one study involving men with mild erectile dysfunction, for instance, maca was proven to help improve not only their erectile scores but also their perceived sexual and general well-being.

The study involved 50 Caucasian men who were given either a placebo or 2,400 milligrams of maca dry extract. After twelve weeks of treatment, those who took maca supplements showed greater improvements compared to those who were given only placebo.

  1. Maca is a Potent Aphrodisiac

Because of maca’s potent libido-boosting effects, it’s often referred to as “nature’s Viagra”. The aphrodisiac properties of maca are attributed to certain fatty acids called macaenes and macamides.

3 Remarkable Reasons Why Men Should Try MacaThese phytonutrients are unique to maca only and animal studies have shown that these are the bioactive components that result in increased sexual activity and improved erectile functions.

The aphrodisiac effects of maca have been tested several times and the results consistently show that maca can definitely boost the libido. What’s even more impressive is that maca has been shown to increase the libido of even those who are suffering from antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.

  1. Maca Increases Your Sperm Count

Several recent studies have proved the efficacy of maca in increasing sperm count and enhancing male fertility.

One of the earlier studies on maca’s effect on sperm count was conducted almost twenty years ago, with the findings that after four months of oral treatment with maca, sperm count per ejaculate, seminal volume, sperm motility, and motile sperm count were all improved.

In another study, the effects of black maca on mice sperm production were tested to find out how early the effects would show. What’s amazing about the results of this study is that Black maca is able to increase sperm count at the epididymal level after only one day of treatment.

In the vas deferens, sperm count increased after three days of treatment. The daily sperm production was found to have increased after only seven days of treatment. The results of this study suggest that if you take maca supplements, you may be able to see improvements in your sperm count after only a week of treatment.

In healthy men, maca supplementation for twelve weeks resulted in a rising trend in sperm concentration and motility. The results of this 2015 study indicate that even men who have no fertility problems can also benefit from the fertility-boosting effects of maca.

Thus, even if you are taking maca for its libido-boosting or erection-enhancing properties, you may still get the extra benefit of having an improved sperm count.

More Health Benefits From Maca

Maca is rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B2, B6, and C, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. This cruciferous vegetable from the Peruvian Andes also contains healthy fatty acids and a lot of dietary fiber, which makes it perfect for people who are on a diet to lose weight.

Maca is considered a superfood due to its extremely high nutritional value. But that’s not the only reason why maca is so popular, especially among athletes and bodybuilders. Maca is actually a great energy and stamina booster which is why powdered maca root is a popular supplement for enhanced sports performance.

Maca is also rich in glucosinolates which are known to have protective effects against cancer. Since maca is rich in sulfur, it’s recognized for its protective effects on the liver. Sulfur is needed by the body in order to produce the antioxidant gluthionine which helps detoxify the liver.

Maca is also recognized as an adaptogen because it’s proven effective in improving the body’s stress-response mechanisms. Maca has also been shown to help improve the symptoms typically associated with anxiety and depression.

Moreover, emerging research also indicates that maca may help protect the brain from age-related diseases. Because of its high antioxidant content, maca has been found to have neuroprotective properties.

3 Remarkable Reasons Why Men Should Try MacaStudies have shown that maca can reduce oxidative stress damage in the brain, thereby protecting the brain from cognitive decline. Experts are also looking at the potential of maca as a preventive agent and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Both animal and human studies have also shown that maca can help improve learning and memory, which is why maca is also gaining popularity as a brain health supplement.

How to Take Maca for Your Sexual Health

One way that you can reap the full benefits of maca is by taking a widely recognized all-natural male sex enhancement supplement. That’s because its contains maca which works in synergy with the other natural ingredients that it is formulated with.

For instance, the energy-boosting effects of maca in these are complemented by tongkat ali, which is another scientifically proven ergogenic herbal remedy. To further boost your stamina and endurance in the bedroom, it also contains Butea superba, another medicinal plant that’s also traditionally used as a sexual vigor tonic.

In addition, it also contains many potent aphrodisiacs like damiana extract, Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, and Tribulus terrestris. These aphrodisiacs are known for greatly increasing sexual desire and improving sexual performance.

Aside from Tribulus terrestris which is popular as an erectile dysfunction remedy, it also contains horny goat weed or yin yang huo. This popular traditional Chinese medicinal herb contains icariin, the main bioactive component of horny goat weed which is responsible for its erection-boosting properties.

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