5 Best Sex Positions for a Quickie

5 Best Sex Positions for a Quickie

We all know what it’s like, when you’re horny, you’re horny. And honestly, there is nothing better than catching you partner’s eye and giving them tha

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We all know what it’s like, when you’re horny, you’re horny. And honestly, there is nothing better than catching you partner’s eye and giving them that ‘let’s find a quick place to rip each other’s clothes off’ look. Whether you have five minutes to spare before you’re heading out the door, or you want to sneak off without anyone noticing, there is something inherently thrilling about the prospect of a quickie.

However, implicitly, quickies rarely happen in a bed. That often makes them logistically difficult. Positioning yourself to get off quickly can be difficult, especially if you’re hidden away in a toilet cubical, airplane bathroom, or cupboard! So the question is, which positions are the ones you should be trying when you find yourself having a quickie? You want positions that don’t take up much room and get you to the edge in the fastest time possible.

  1. The Stair Lift

preview-full-the-10-quickie-commandments-thumbnailSay you are all dressed and ready to head out the door, but something just comes over you. Try heading for the stairs. You don’t even need to make it up them. Have your partner kneel down on the step just above you, while you kneel on the step below. Just whip her skirt up and have her sit back on you. She can use the stairs for support, while the upward angle heightens the intensity and pleasure, as you enter her deeply, pushing against her G-spot, bringing you both the climax in a matter of minutes.

  1. Ballet Lift

If you find yourself in an enclosed space, you will probably benefit from a standing position. However, standing positions can be difficult to keep balance, especially if you are different heights. Try having her backed against the wall, while she wraps one leg around you. Hook your hand under the leg, lifting her slightly. Penetrate her by bending down, inserting, and standing up.

  1. Forward Fold

If you are hidden in a tight spot, you probably do not have room to do doggy style. This doesn’t mean you cannot take her from behind. Try by bending her forward, like a yoga forward fold. Come from behind her, and enter the same way you would with doggy style. This will give you both quick pleasure as the penetration is deep and the angle hits her G-spot.

  1. Tabletop

If you are overtaken with pleasure in the kitchen or dining room, you might want to hop on a table and use this as your surface. Have her laid down with her back on the table, propped up by her elbows. Bring her to the edge of the table. While you stand, put her legs over your shoulders and wrap them around your neck. This will stop her sliding off the table while you thrust.

  1. Lifted stand

preview-full-quickieYou may not be strong enough to stand independently the whole time while lifting her. A good position for when you’re closeted and tight for space is to have her with her back against the wall. Tuck your hands in the creases under her butt and lift her, while she wraps her legs around you. Use the resistance of the wall to keep her up, while you thrust in an upward and diagonal motion.

While quickies are fun, they are not always the most stimulating form of sex. If you want all the feeling you’d get from a full session in the space of five minutes, try taking a supplement like ‘Sexual Overdrive’ to help increase the intensity of those climatic orgasms. The extra energy it gives you will really give her a surprise!