5 Masturbation Mistakes You Are Making

by maxfitnesshub

Masturbation is an act that we all do. It gives us that nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside and helps to alleviate tension in the body. Having, no doubt, had a great deal of practice at masturbation, you may think you are pretty much a dab hand at the whole affair. However, there are a few mistakes that guys make which can actually be quite harmful to the body. While masturbation is meant to be a few moments of personal pleasure, not carried out correctly, it can easily lead to a long period of pain.

Here are some mistakes you may be making. If you are, now is time to change!

  1. Masturbating too much and too hard

preview-full-masturbation-mistakes-you-are-unintentionally-making800a-1451477282It is true, you can have too much of a good thing. When masturbating, you are rubbing your hand up and down your penis, which, while it may feel nice, may be causing micro-abrasions to the skin. This can be due to callouses on your hands or small particles. These micro-abrasions open the penis up to infection, as dirt and bacteria can enter, especially when it’s confined to the inside of your pants. There have been a few cases where men have had infections as bad as Fournier’s gangrene, which can cause vomiting, muscle pain, swelling of the scrotum, and fever. Always make sure your hands are clean to limit the risk of this.

  1. Masturbating when you are tired

This may seem like an odd problem, but the reality is that masturbating when you are tired will just lead you to feel down. When you are tired, it is harder for the body to become sexually energized. Forcing it to do so will result in low testosterone levels, leading you to feel cranky, resulting in depression and self-doubt.

  1. Masturbating before you work out

When you work out, you need to make sure your testosterone levels are high, to help build the muscle. That is why many people take supplements such as ‘Xtreme Testosterone’ to help boost those hormone levels. However, directly after masturbating, your testosterone levels drop dramatically. If you are heading to the gym, this is bad news for your body and will make your workout feel so much harder.

  1. Squeezing too hard

Some guys like to squeeze their penis to constrict the blood flow. Working similarly to a cock ring, squeezing your penis allows you to last longer while also providing more intense orgasms. However, squeezing too hard is one of the common ways to end up with a penis fracture. A penis fracture is when the tubes snap that provide blood flow to the penis during an erection. Not only is this extremely painful, it takes quite a while to heal.

  1. Masturbating while driving

preview-full-behind-the-wheelMen will deny this until the day they die, but pretty much everyone has tried it while being stuck in heavy traffic or purely out of boredom. However, this is a terrible idea that has led to penis fractures. While traffic may appear to be stationary, often you are crawling very slowly. The sudden jerky movement of braking can cause your penis to jam into the steering wheel, putting intense pressure on the penis, causing it to fracture.

Masturbating really is one of our favorite pastimes. However, you need to be careful with your penis. While it can take quite a beating, the last thing you want is to actually cause an injury. While some injuries repair, some may cause long-term or irreparable damage. Equally, taking the time to consider when you are masturbating can really affect your mood, keeping you spritely!

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