5 Secret Post-Sex Rituals that Women Have

5 Secret Post-Sex Rituals that Women Have

Sex is perhaps the most intimate thing you will ever share with a person. Whether it is a one night stand or a long-term relationship, the act of gett

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Sex is perhaps the most intimate thing you will ever share with a person. Whether it is a one night stand or a long-term relationship, the act of getting to know your partner’s whole body is somewhat sacred between the two of you. However, what goes on before and after is a secret ritual left to the individual. While you think she is probably in the bathroom cleaning up, there is a whole rigmarole of activities she is getting up to that she never wants you to know about.

preview-full-sadWomanInBedCropped1444194873However, the art of understanding women and having compassion is literally to know what they do and why they do it. It helps you to be a more considerate lover and to make her feel as comfortable as possible. After all, the more comfortable someone is, the more they will share with you, both emotionally and physically. So here is what she is probably getting up to after that crucial climatic moment:

  1. Sneaking a look at the condom

This may sound gross but it really is something that women get up to. While you may want to lie back and relax knowing you are utterly fulfilled, she wants to double check the safety measures. Even if she’s on birth control pills, it is always reassuring to know that the backup plan is still intact, especially in terms of preventing herself from sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. Checking her watch

You may feel like you ran like you put in a good race. Maybe you’ve been taking supplements like ‘Marathon Man Maca 1000’ to make sure you were really on top form and making personal best, but she likes to know how long you could keep her entertained for. Maybe you will surprise her, but she will usually be impressed if you broke the 20 minute mark!

  1. Head to the bathroom

While you probably know about the quick dash to the restroom, you may not know why. Yes, she is probably cleaning herself up and you are always thankful for the time it gives you to do the same, but equally she probably needs to pee. Sex presses on a woman’s bladder, usually making her want to urinate afterward. Equally, many girls are told to urinate afterward as it reduces the chance of urinary tract infections and thrush, especially if they haven’t had sex in a while.

  1. Checking herself out

Having sex makes women feel very sexual. This may seem obvious but in the constant daily battle of modern society slut-shaming and fat-denouncing, women often feel like they aren’t good enough. If you watch her closely, you will notice her check her naked body out in the mirror. Bask in the moment of her feeling sexy for a change, knowing you made her feel that way.

  1. Sometimes she will cry

preview-full-sad-woman-bed-110330Often this freaks guys out. It is fairly common for a woman to cry after sex. It is less to do with an emotional turmoil or an inherent clinginess and more because of the extreme rush of electric signals to the brain, flooding her body with hormones. Take it as a compliment. If she cries, there’s a very strong chance you gave her a mind-blowing orgasm, so give yourself a high five.

It may seem like it takes two to tango, but once you are off the dancefloor, it takes one to take your shoes off. You may have your post-sex routine but so does she, and a girl will always respect you more if you give her five minutes of privacy to see to that it gets done!