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Whether you are a man who swears by meditation or you are a man who believes it to be some new-age mumble-jumble, meditation can improve your sex life. More than just an activity to enhance your mental clarity, center your mind, and relax your body, meditation has allowed many men to have mind-blowing sexual relations.

After participating in yoga twice a week, a young man then described his sexual relations as “raw, animalistic, and mind-blowing”. This man noted that he could have sexual relations longer, enjoy his orgasms more as he had more control, experienced increased energy, and had boosts in his sexual drive.

But, what are some reasons meditation could improve your sexual relations?

Most of us are very stressed out. We have a lot of responsibilities and struggles which may be present in many areas including finances, work, home, relationships, and many other possible stressors. Stress leads to high levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which can greatly lower sexual performance and desire. Meditation solves this by reducing stress.

Here are five ways meditation can increase your sexual life.


Many people are too tired to engage in sexual relations with their partners. After work, you may feel exhausted and do nothing but take a nap—for the rest of the night. A study undertaken by the National Sleep Foundation found that one-quarter of people who are married or living together were too sleep-deprived to have sexual relations with their partner. Fatigue is very high on the list of reasons couples have less sex than they would like.

5 TIPS TO ENHANCE SEX THROUGH MEDITATIONMeditation can help with this long-lasting problem as it allows you to deeply rest while you are awake. If you and your partner add a session of meditation after work, you can get that deep rest that may be lacking while you actually sleep. This can leave you with enough energy to enjoy your partner and rekindle the excitement in the bedroom which fatigue has taken away.


Stress prompts your body to produce cortisol, which can be devastating for orgasms. High cortisol levels can lead to difficulties in achieving erections and may prevent orgasms for women. A study proved that when women’s cortisol levels exceeded a certain number, they were incapable of reaching orgasm. So, yes, stress can literally block your or your partner’s orgasms.


Meditation boosts your ability to engage your right brain, which grounds you in the present moment. Many of us have an immensely developed left brain, which leads to a focus on the past and future. We are either looking back in the past or preparing for the future. In order to fully enjoy yourself and your partner, you must be focused on the now. To reach an orgasm, you have to be in the moment. Fully present in your mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation boosts your neuroplasticity and brain cohesion so you are able to better balance both sides of your brain. With meditation, you can look in the past, prepare for the future, and still be able to stay present and less distracted.

With a more developed right hemisphere, you can fully focus on your partner and all the pleasure the two of you are giving and receiving each other.


Happiness does not exist outside of yourself. Neither does it exist in the past or the future. It only exists in the present. You are a complete person and no job, partner, immense amounts of money or degrees can complete you if you are incomplete on the inside.

Meditation can allow you to recognize, cultivate, and live in your own internal happiness. Your partner is unable to create happiness, no matter how much they may want to or you may want them to. When you are looking for the external world to make you happy, you will always be disappointed, as happiness is a freedom that only you can create and stoke.

Relationships are only a place to share some of your happiness, but you will not find your happiness in a relationship. Meditation can help you accept all of the parts about yourself and become a happier person.

The only person who completes you is you.


Unfortunately, you won’t actually become psychic, but meditation can boost your mirror neurons. These parts in your mind make you able to intuit what others may be feeling. Mirror neurons allow you to feel pain, happiness or pleasure that is not yours. For instance, when you see someone get hurt, you may cringe or even feel their 5 TIPS TO ENHANCE SEX THROUGH MEDITATIONpain. Mirror neurons are especially responsible for the boom of the porn industry as watching someone else’s pleasure can make you feel pleasure.

Combined with the relaxed, focused, and present state that meditation can help you reach, you could have a better chance at understanding your partner. Before they even mention what they would like, you may be able to sense where their pleasurable areas are. Small hints from their body may guide you to the peak of their pleasure areas.

There are many techniques of meditation. It is recommended to find a qualified teacher, a method that can be fit into your busy schedule, and some motivation. For some, meditation can be difficult as they have trouble turning off the constant thoughts and to do lists running through their head. But, like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you will become at meditation.

After you begin meditation, eating right can help you boost your ability to stay focused. Also, a better diet does wonders for your mental and physical health. In addition, adding a natural male enhancement supplement can be an excellent way to have longer, slower, sexual relations with your partner.

Meditation is a great way to connect with yourself and with your partner. When you ground yourself in the present, you may be able to discover more about your strengths, weaknesses, and all of the reasons you are excellent.

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