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Paired with a day job, an online side hustle can make you feel like you’re rolling in dough. After you’ve taken care of all of your bills, you can lean on your extra money to go out enjoy a movie, or buy your kids some of those extra goodies that are spoiling them so much. What’s a new pair of shoes when they just got a pair two days ago? You have the money.

But, what can you do to make some extra cash online? Turns out, there’s tons of stuff available that you don’t need a degree for. Just invest some time and effort. You could add an extra $200, $1,000, or more, each month to your income right from home and it’s nowhere near as hard as you think. Not only could you start some day trading or selling your organization skills for money, you could use that extra time that’s waiting for you and make more money.

Here are six of those jobs. Have fun making extra money and spoiling your kids, significant other, or self, rotten.


This simple way to make money involves helping other people get stuff done. Let’s say a company is expanding and the higher ups need someone to help them schedule trips, book hotels, or just get their papers in order, they may need a virtual assistant. If you have excellent organization and time management skills, this is a great position for you. Not only will you get good pay, as these jobs are man working on his laptop in pajamas on the floorusually paid by the hour, but you can get a low-stress entry into the world of providing digital services. These can effortlessly be performed online. You can find many virtual assistant positions through companies like Upwork, remote.com, and indeed.com.

After you have searched through the companies who are looking for people like you, you create a bid, submit, and wait for them to come e-knocking at your door. To excel in this position you’ll need good written skills and possibly oral skills if your job includes Skype meetings or phone calls, fluency in English, and familiarity with popular applications that are used on the web and by businesses.


Though you may be a man, have someone on speed dial and close by when selling items on Craigslist, just in case you need your bros to back you up. Many people are earning a full-time income selling items on eBay and Craigslist. Some may sell books, others may sell clothes, and still, others may sell electronics. You can either sell your own things or sell someone else’s and pocket a commission. Ebay is more complicated then Craigslist, and you’ll need to get high reviews to sell higher-priced items on eBay, but they offer a lot of resources to help you become a successful seller. If you come to online selling with some marketing skills already under your belt this will be easier, but even if you are a newbie you can learn and be successful.


Cryptocurrency was once an idea that many people may have thought was cool, but not feasible to become a leading form of currency for use. Over time, it has become a lot more popular. Non-cash payments have spiked over time and many people do not carry actual cash; they use a credit or debit card. To maximize this trend, early in the game, you may want to start trading cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Etherium. Not to mention the US Dollar may eventually use the blockchain and become the Digital Dollar. With platforms like eToro and Kraken, you can maximize your profits by trading cryptocurrency, now!


man busy working in his home officeIf you have proficiency in anything, you can tutor online. There are many sites like Skooli, Tutor.com, and Tutor Me available to launch your career, but you don’t have to use these. They are useful to help you get started in this field. In addition, sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and others have tutoring opportunities.

So, what can you tutor?

Just about anything you know well or even reasonably well. You can teach others math, science, another language, English, if they are a second-language speaker, an instrument, or pretty much anything else.

Note that tutoring needs advanced planning and should not be taken lightly. You should ensure your pupils are learning and you are giving them your best effort.


If you are traveling or just have an extra bedroom, you can rent it out to someone else. This income can easily supplement some of your expenses and you need only focus on fixing any maintenance issues that may arise with your new tenant. This is a very simple way to make more money no matter how large or big your home is. There is someone who needs a home, so why not yours?


To launch an e-commerce site you don’t need a large startup amount or months to build it. There are many sites like Shopify and Etsy that can help you create an online business. Amazon has many of the customers, but there is big business for smaller entrepreneurs like yourself. People love buying online, from their computers, phones, or tablets. Offer some products others will want and rake in the money.

These are few of the ways you can build a sustainable side hustle from home. There are many other ways that may suit you better or just try one of these and see how it goes. Invest some time and effort and learn to market and you are well on your way to success.


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