6 Stretches to Exercise Your Kidneys

by maxfitnesshub

The kidneys are extremely important in keeping us fit and healthy as they purify the blood, getting rid of all the toxins in our systems. While you may not think much about your kidney health, when you eat the right foods and commit to incorporating certain exercises in your workout, you will find that kidney functioning improves. With better kidney functioning you tend to feel less tired, lose weight more effectively, be in a better mood, and experience fewer aches and pains. It also reduces the risk of kidney disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. With that in mind, try out some of these kidney cleansing exercises.

 1. Boat

preview-full-f6e3be_e1ec6e15d917466d84487c97a85fdb33This pose also helps to build your abdominal muscles and help with core strength for balance. The idea is to balance on your butt. You need to sit on the bones of your buttocks and put your hands straight out in front of you. Lift your legs off the ground as high as you can bring them, so you are in a V shape. Hold this for 30 seconds at a time.

 2. Cat-Cow

This is a dynamic movement that helps to stretch out your internal organs. By flexing and stretching, you work out the kidneys. This also strengthens your forearms and wrists. Start on all fours. Breathe in and tilt your head upward and drop your belly so your back arches downward. Breathe out and pull your navel back in, tuck your chin in and your bring your tailbone down, arching the back up like a cat. Repeat this 20 times.

 3. Downward Dog

Downward dog sends all the fluids the other way, which helps to get the toxins moving around the kidneys, that may have been stuck in the filter system. Your hands should be flat on the floor as you bend at the waist. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart and your head should be between them, with your ears by your elbows. Try to touch your heels to the floor at the same time as trying to pull your tailbone up. This will help to stretch out your hamstrings too.

 4. Sphinx

preview-full-downward-dog-adho-mukha-svanasanaThis exercise stretches the lower back as well as wringing out the kidneys. Lay on your front. Then place your forearms to the side of you with your hands by your head and elbows by your ribs. Lift up your torso by pressing down on your forearms. Hold for 20 seconds, lower and repeat. You can turn to look at each foot while the torso is lifted, for an extra twist.

 5. Head to Knee

Sit with your legs spread wide. Stretch your right arm out to the side then swoop it up and over your head and bring it to your left knee. Tilt your head down to meet it. You will feel a stretch don the side of your body, which stretches the kidneys.

 6. Open Gate

Athletic muscular young man working out, yoga, pilates, fitness training, doing side bend, asana Parighasana, Gate Yoga Pose, gray background, low key shot

Athletic muscular young man working out, yoga, pilates, fitness training, doing side bend, asana Parighasana, Gate Yoga Pose, gray background, low key shot

You will need to be on your knees. Leave the right knee where it is but stretch the left leg out to the side as far as it will go. Bring the right arm overhead and rest the left arm on your leg. This will stretch the side of the body, which wrings out the kidney on the other side. Switch over after holding for 30 seconds.

 You will find that looking after your kidneys helps your whole body health, making you feel more alive and functioning.A really good way to promote kidney health is to reduce your blood pressure.

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