by David Johnson

There are a lot of reasons why you have to build your upper body strength. In fact, the list is inexhaustible. Apart from burning a lot of calories, another fundamental reason is the fact that building your upper body helps you boost strength in your back, arm, and chest region. It also helps you to build stronger bones and reduce to the barest minimum the possibility of an injury. As said, the list goes on and on.


However, there are several workout techniques you can employ to get desired results as a specific work-out routine is intended towards achieving specific fitness goals. Just as you need different kinds of exercises to build the legs and thigh muscles, so also, you need specific kind of exercises to build the arm and chest.


Before engaging in these workouts, you have to prepare the equipment you need. They include; weight bar, an exercise mat, a resistance band, and dumbbells. After getting this, move over to perform warm-up exercises that prepare your body for the proper workout.


Having said that, here are the six best workout techniques for building your upper body strength and resistance. What’s more, you can perform these workouts in the comfort of your home. Isn’t this amazing?



morning exercise

This workout impacts directly on your upper body, thereby building strength and boosting stamina. Your arm muscles, shoulders, chest muscles, and back are thoroughly engaged in this exercise. Push-ups target your upper body. Apart from the traditional push-up style where you lay on the ground with your two arms supporting your body while you raise and lower your body, engage varieties of other push-up techniques to maximize results. Such techniques as the knee push up where you put your body in the regular push up position only your knees to touch the floor with your feet raised. There’s also the wide arm push-up where you start in the normal push-up position but your hands are spread wide apart than the shoulders; staggered push-ups, diamond push-ups are other kinds of push-ups you can learn for variety.


Dumbbell curls



This exercise directly targets your biceps. Your biceps are part of your upper body, so, it must also be given consideration. You have to perform dumbbell curls with a dumbbell. The process is straightforward. You sit or stand holding a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be at your side while your feet must be apart. Ensure that your elbows are slightly tightened to your torso. Also, make sure that the dumbbells are directly facing you. Move the dumbbell to and forth from that position and feel your biceps expand and contract. Do this about 10 to 15 times after which you can perform two or more sets depending on you. Make sure you don’t strain your arm muscles during the process.


Triceps dips


This exercise targets your triceps, shoulders, and back. It’s quite stressful but it’s perfect for building your upper body strength. To perform this exercise, you have to sit on a strong chair with your arms rigidly planted by your sides and your feet firmly placed on the ground. Your body must move off the chair with your arm holding on tight to the seat. Your knees should also be bent. Push upward and downward with your arm firmly supporting your weight while you perform the exercise.


Mountain climber


Just as its name sounds, this workout technique is rigorous. It’s like you want to climb a mountain. It’s a plank movement that helps to boost strength in the shoulder, upper back, and arm region. It’s also effective for strengthening one’s quad and glutes.


To perform mountain climber, position your body in the plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your arms firmly placed on the ground. Engage your quad and glutes with your legs stretched outwards. Move back and forth with your legs at a quick pace as if trying to climb an actual mountain. It’s terrific!

Resistance band pull apart


This exercise builds your triceps, biceps, back, and shoulders. It helps strengthens your upper body and boost stamina in the region too. Perform a resistance band pull-apart by standing firm while holding a resistance band in between your hands. Hold onto the band tightly. Pull both arms apart towards the chest while the band contracts and expands.


Overhead press


This is actually a weight lifting technique. Weights are remarkable for building strength and resistance in the body. As such, it is equally beneficial when used to train the upper body region. To perform the overhead press, stand firm in an upright position. Hold the bar with your hands on your upper chest region. Make sure your hands are shoulder-width apart. Push the bar over your head directly. Make sure that your hips remain stationary while you perform this move.



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