7 Things You Should Stop Doing to Achieve a Healthy Self Image

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
sketching his self portrait

It’s now time to break free from gender rules. While more talk focuses on how women can have a healthy self-image, there’s less talk about this in the male world. This should not be so because both men and women go through self-image issues even if most men do it in silence than women. But silence is where some problems take roots and grow. It’s now time for men to break free and talk more openly about it because it’s what they deserve.

When we talk of a healthy self-image, what easily comes to mind is the perfect body image. Yet, the perfect body image for women is unrealistic. The same holds true for men. Having a chiseled body can’t guarantee you of having a healthy body and image.

To have a healthy image goes deep down. It doesn’t change even when you lose a muscle mass or gain some weight.

‘Perfect’ bodies are praised by social media mainly because they could not see what’s under it. They can only see a person’s appearance, thereby making their evaluation through it.

To achieve a healthy body, you need to focus on diet and exercise. To achieve a healthy self-image, you need to stop doing certain things. Some of them are the following:

1. Stop neglecting your appearance

well groomed handsome manWhen comparing both genders, women are said to care more about their appearance than men. Well, we can only guess it to be so because women are able to express their feelings freely while men don’t. It’s the way society designed it to be.

However, if you’ve been mocked because of your appearance, especially during childhood, it might create a negative self-image that you’ll carry through life. That’s why it pays to improve your appearance when you could.

Buy yourself a new suit or cut your hair the way that enhances your overall look. Besides, you don’t need designer clothes to appear more interesting. Knowing how to carry yourself with enough confidence will do wonders.

2. Stop caring about that genital size

Being evaluated by others, especially through the size of your genitals can be quite disturbing. Because it’s one part of your body that you have no control over.

Luckily, there are male enhancing supplements that can help you achieve the kind of pleasure your partner wants. Yet, despite this helpful option, there are many ways you can increase the chances of your partner’s happiness. You can become more affectionate and romantic, the qualities that can make a woman fall head over heels for you.

3. Stop worrying about your body type

Both men and women have different body types. While there are men whose bodies are designed to be perfectly built (as per human standards), there are just body types that won’t fit into that box no matter how you beat yourself up.

If your metabolism doesn’t allow you to amass that bunch of muscles, be okay with that. It’s not the packaging that matters. What you are inside is what matters most. Besides, there are some parts of you that you can compensate for your lack of muscle mass.

You can enhance your conversational skills or other creative aspects of yourself. Others may initially judge you by your appearance, but when you start to open your mouth and get everybody’s attention, it’s then you will know you have a magnetism that even the fittest person may don’t.

4. Stop being hard on yourself for having excess weight

We find in the sitcoms and movies how overweight people can be funny. But being overweight is no joke. Shedding those extra pounds may not come easy for you. But don’t beat yourself up when this is your case. You can take it slow and steady. No matter how strong the odds are, you can still lose your excess weight through consistent dieting, physical activities, and even meditation.

5. Stop that negative self talk

Making yourself appear comical might give you pleasure, especially when others laugh at how you make it appear so natural. However, there’s a distinction between being funny and being negative about oneself. If you feel you’re way more critical about yourself, this can be a sign that you have mental issues that can possibly lead to depression. Don’t try to overlook when your thoughts tend to focus on negativity.

Your healthy image should start in your mind. When it seems a struggle, find someone whom you can open up to and be not afraid. Seek professional help if you feel there’s a need. The time has changed. Opening up your feelings to others is no longer viewed as a sign of vulnerability, rather it has been acknowledged as a requirement for having a healthy self-image.

6. Stop fawning over those perfect-looking bodies

muscular guy and thin guy comparisonLet’s face it, at some point in our life, we have come to idolize people who have the perfect bodies or the perfect look. It’s either we’re fantasizing about them or wanting to be like them. Those high school days are long gone, though. And you’re your own person now. Fawning over those perfect looking people won’t help your self-image, rather it can only hinder your healthy self-image goals.

7. Stop conforming to societal standards

The society expects men to be this and that for which men tend to fulfill. Men are being constantly compared to other men as a way of pushing them ahead of the game. But such should not be the case.

As a man, you can make a difference in this world even without conforming to societal rules. This is what the great leaders did, Jesus and Mohammed included. You can only do great things when you do something out of the ordinary.

So stop believing that conforming to rules is the only way to be. Even accepting yourself for who you are can make a difference in the small part of the world you belong to. Why, because it’s not easy to wear pink or yellow when everybody else wears blue.

Accepting yourself and becoming who you are is not an easy fight. Both genders go through the same challenges day in and day out. But when you know that the health of your self-image goes beyond what the people can see, you’re setting a standard that only the healthy people with healthy minds can understand and relate to.

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