8 Things You Should Start Doing Right Now to Improve Sexual Performance

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
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You must have turned green with envy as you listen other men talk about their sexual escapades and how they last through several sex sessions in a row. Their story might be a bit unbelievable since you really have to have a lot of endurance to last longer in bed unless you take supplements that can help you fully achieve the kind of sex you always dreamed of.

Supplements that can enhance your performance could truly be a blessing. But then, if you’re adamant about using them, you may have yielded to the fact that you’re okay with your current performance. The question is, does it make you happy? Your peers get all they want with their sexual pleasures while you’re there pretending your sex life is as exciting as theirs.

You may think this is okay, but some girls could be naughty. The women you may have slept with may tell the truth of how you don’t actually perform the way you made others believe it to be. To be safe and at peace with yourself and all the girls you may have loved before, you can ultimately shift your performance from satisfying to extremely pleasurable. There are a lot of ways you can do it. The following are just some of them. Read on and improve your sex performance and stamina to a whole new level.

1. Exercise

Whether your goal is to live healthily or improve your performance in bed, exercise can provide you lots of benefits. More people are giving their attention to a regular exercise regimen because it’s one secret to live a productive life. This productivity not only applies to career and relationships, but also to your sex life. You wouldn’t be good in sex when your heart isn’t in its best shape.

Cardiovascular exercises not only help your heart but also help improve your sexual performance. The more you sweat, the more you increase your libido. Aim for at least thirty minutes of exercise a day and you won’t regret it.

2. Practice a Healthy Diet

eating fresh healthy saladAs you have always known, good health starts with the kind of food you eat. What you put in your mouth do count. And when you want to improve your sexual performance and endurance, mother nature got your back. There are lots of fruits and vegetables whose main functions include the regulation of proper blood flow.

Your penis needs a lot of blood to achieve and maintain an erection. When your blood is flowing properly, you can expect your penis to be as strong as you want it to be.

The foods you should include in your diet are onion, garlic, bananas, chilis, peppers, avocados, tuna, salmon, olive oil, pork, peanuts, kidney beans, and eggs. All these foods work to keep your nervous system in proper circulation and also keep your hormones in check.

3. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is harmful in all aspects of life. When you’re under stressful situations, you’ll be less productive at work, irritable at home, don’t feel good about yourself, and hamper your sex performance by having difficulty with erections.

Basically, stress can affect your physical, personal, sexual, emotional, and psychological aspects of life. In this modern world, stress is inevitable. But you can manage it by doing the things that can improve your wellbeing. Taking breaks and giving yourself time to recharge can be great ways to manage stress.

4. Do Away with Bad Habits

Oftentimes, stressful situations are the main triggers for most people to resort to bad habits. They do certain things to keep themselves in control under stressful circumstances. They drown themselves with too much alcohol with high hopes of forgetting someone or a situation and avoiding pain. Others smoke heavily to keep their minds into thinking for the right solutions to their problems. Their intention might be good, but the processes aren’t.

Alcohol and cigarettes can destroy a person inside out. Worse, they can have a negative impact on a person’s sexual performance. If you think this could be you, try to replace these bad habits with good ones.

5. Get Enough Sunlight

Sun exposure can either be good or bad depending on the time of day you find yourself under the sun. Avoiding the sun is the best way to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer. But this doesn’t mean you have to avoid the sun altogether. The sun also plays a big role in your sex life. The hormone melatonin inhibits your sexual urge, but the sun can decrease your body’s melatonin production. To improve your sex power, try to stay under the sun, preferably a few minutes in the morning.

6. Masturbate Often

masturbating in front of computerJust like practicing a sport or a game to make yourself better at it, masturbation can help you improve your sex performance and longevity. When you masturbate often, you’re able to condition your mind to last the way you want to with a partner. Avoid rushing during your masturbation sessions because you’re likely to do the same when you’re in bed.

7. Pay Attention to Your Partner

Pleasurable sex can’t happen when only one person is doing the job. This means you have to involve your partner in it. You have to acknowledge your partner’s response and know her expectations. Your rhythm and movement are where she might find most pleasurable. A connection is key here. You’re a much better performer when you know not only how to please yourself but to please your partner’s desires as well.

8. Take Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements and vitamins can help your body get the nutrients that you don’t get enough of from the food you eat. Different vitamins have different functions in your body and sex drive. Vitamin C helps with circulation, vitamin D for sex hormone levels, erectile and sexual dysfunctions, zinc works to increase testosterone levels, and amino acids work to improve circulation. Taking the right vitamins can help improve the part where you feel you need to improve.

The market is also saturated with different supplements that bring the promise to enhance your sexual performance. While most of them are effective, they’re still best coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

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