9 Advantages of Jumping Rope

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a workout routine that is right for you. Some people like to exercise on cardio machines or workout using aerobic techniques. But more people can benefit from if they jump rope. Jumping rope is usually practiced by kids but has become popular in recent years for its fitness benefits. It’s known that in boxing jump rope can improve quickness and increase elasticity in muscles, but it has also been found to do the same in regular fitness activities. Can jumping rope benefit you? Here are the top nine advantages to jumping rope:

  1. Burns calories

It’s entirely known that jumping rope can burn calories. In fact, in just one minute you can burn up to sixteen calories. Most people find jumping rope effective because not only does it gives them a good workout but after thirty minutes they could have burned as much as 480 calories. With such a calorie burn, jumping rope is the perfect activity to be used if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to run to the gym or an exercise class like Zumba. You can take as much time as you need and then get back to work since jumping rope is such an easy and portable workout. It doesn’t even require too much experiment.

  1. Increases speed

Boxers are known to jump rope to increase their speed in and out of the ring; however, they do this by focusing on bouncing on the balls of their feet. Allowing their mind to focus on their feet for a period will over time enable them to have increased speed and coordination. Although, jumping rope to increase speed doesn’t just aid boxers in their fights. In fact, you can use jump ropes to your advantage when you work out and add ten minutes of jumping rope between cardio or aerobic workout routines.

  1. Increases bone mass

Jumping Rope ExerciseUnlike running, jumping rope is not a high impact sport; however, it’s classified as a medium impact exercise. Since the legs absorb the effect of each jump, the exercise is not as hard on your muscles and joints like running. In fact, jumping rope has been known to increase bone mass. Increasing bone mass is fundamental in decreasing injuries and reducing health complication. Therefore, jumping rope can build stronger and healthy bones which are essential in fitness and life.

  1. Improves brain health  

All exercises are known to be good for the brain, but such activities that involve both physical and mental stimulation like jumping rope and ballroom dancing effect cognitive activity. Due to their workouts, exercises that affect cognitive activity allow people to think strategically, have rhythm and improve their coordination. All the properties of these exercises will enable the brain to enhance its functions, and therefore, become healthier. Having a healthy brain is essential not only in fitness but in life. It’s crucial that the brain functions normally so you can have good coordination, focus, and attention span.

  1. Good technology

Unlike the braided and worn jump ropes kids use, fitness jump ropes are all about the newest and improved technology. In fact, fitness jump ropes even include ball bearing handles, personalized colors, and sizing systems. Most fitness jump ropes even count your jumps, so you don’t lose track. These added systems and customization extras make jumping rope fun even if you are trying to lose a few pounds at the gym or trying to get your exercise in for the week. Jumping rope doesn’t have to be boring, and now it doesn’t have to be. You can choose between colors of bright pink, orange, or flashing red, white, and blue. Pick the jump rope that expresses you!

  1. Cost-effective  

Most fitness accessories cost a pretty penny but not a fitness jump rope. In fact, most fitness jump ropes can be bought for under thirty dollars. That’s quite a steal compared to the cost of an average treadmill or stationary bike. You might even feel compelled to buy two when you see their many colors. Although, their cost-effectiveness is such a benefit to many individuals who want to work out at home but lack the resources to fund their need. Jumping rope can be the perfect activity to the burn the calories you want and save your money.

  1. Portable

Jumping Rope For FitnessJump ropes are perfect if you travel and you want to work out on the go. Due to its size, it can be easily folded and compressed to be put into any bag or suitcase for travel. Depending on the type of jump rope and the brand, some jump ropes might come with their own traveling bag. Additionally, jump ropes can be used not only in traveling situations but also for people with busy schedules. Since jump ropes are so compact, they’re perfect for people who have a limited time to work out. For example, a person can jump rope between meetings, on his or her lunch break, and even between phone calls.

  1. Increases the intensity of workouts   

Often people like a high-intensity workout but finding a routine that delivers such intensity can be challenging. Most people depend on strength-training exercises and fluctuate between muscle groups to create intensity in their workout. However, if you add jump rope intervals into your routine, you’re more likely to experience a high-intensity exercise. Jumping rope can accelerate your heart rate and provide your cardiorespiratory system with many advantages, for example, you’ll heart muscles will likely become stronger due to the change in heart rate.

  1. Choose a style

There are many styles of jumping rope that can benefit you and your fitness goals. For example, there are speed jumping, Chinese wheel jumping, double dutch, and freestyle jumping. While some of these styles of jumping rope include two or more people, it will exercise you like any other jump rope, however, if you decide to jump rope and workout by yourself that is completely fine too. It’s important always to do you.

Have fun jumping!

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