by David Johnson

Are you hypertensive and have been struggling to manage your health ever since you became so? or it’s the case that you feel that after becoming hypertensive, it’s impossible to get back to normal and as such you could be heading to your early grave?


First, let the impression that death is guaranteed after being diagnosed with high BP be corrected. You aren’t going to die. It would only lead to death if the situation is not quickly addressed and where complications arise. To avoid such complications, prompt action must to taken – actions in terms of medications and requisite nutritional needs.


Now, here’s the bite, to meet the nutritional requirement of heart-healthy meals, there are several foods that you can eat. This piece of write up is designed to intimate you on those foods.


Let’s quickly look at what being hypertensive is like.


What’s being hypertensive?


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Being hypertensive means being prone to hypertension which can occur when the blood pressure in the body is high. Blood pressure on the other hand refers to the force exerted on the arteries when blood is circulated. Hypertension means that blood pressure is hyper high.


Hypertension occurs when the systolic which is the first number that represents the pressure in blood vessels when the heart contracts are greater than or equal to 140mmHG and when the diastolic which is the numerical representation for the pressure in the blood vessel when the heart retracts is greater or equal to 90mmHG.


High BP or hypertension can result in fatal complications if hypertensive patients expose themselves to unhealthy diets such as excessive consumption of salt, low ingestion of fruits and veggies, and high fat intake. Also, overindulgence in an unhealthy lifestyle marked by excessive tobacco and alcohol intake, depression, and obesity. All these form the modifiable risk factors for hypertension.


On the other hand, non-modifiable risk factor includes genetics, antecedence of hypertension in the family, age, and chronic illnesses such as kidney disease or diabetes.


Now, here are the foods you need to consume so that you can be free of hypertension in no time:


Omega 3 enriched fatty foods


Fishes like salmon and mackerel are rich in omega 3 which is effective in stabilizing blood pressure in the body. By reducing inflammation in the blood vessels and Oxylipins, omega 3 has been proven for helping hypertensive patients attain normalcy again as it reduces their blood pressure.


Fruits in the citrus family


Fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and tangerine all can lower blood pressure in the body. This category of fruit possesses the required minerals and nutrients needed to keep the heart healthy thus eliminating the possibility of having hypertension. However, citrus fruits must be taken only when prescribed by a doctor as it could interfere with other pressure-reducing medications.




This vegetable is reputable for its usefulness in the body. It aids the flow of blood and the circulatory system in general. Also, it is loaded with nutrients known as flavonoid oxidants which is very good for reducing blood pressure in the body.



Inherent in tomato and related products rare nutrients such as potassium and most importantly lycopene which has a positive impact on one’s heart health. Thus, it helps to reduce hypertension and protect the heart from chronic diseases.


Chia and flax seeds


This contains nutrients such as fiber magnesium and potassium. All of which help to stabilize the rate of blood flow and the body.




This grain is high in magnesium and as such, is very good for maintaining good heart health thus reducing or eliminating the chances of having high blood pressure.




Berries like chokeberries, strawberries, and blueberries all have blood pressure reducing powers. These are rich sources of antioxidants and other pigments like Anthocyanins which help to tune up the production of nitric oxide in the blood.


Pumpkin seeds


These are small but perform wondrously when it comes to lowering blood pressure. The nutrient base contains potassium, magnesium, arginine, and amino acid. All these are needed for maintaining a healthy heart.


Swiss chard


This is one leafy veggie that is quite high in magnesium and potassium. These nutrients are essential for regulating blood pressure.




These are nuts that are rich in potassium. Hence, they come in handy when one needs to lower the throbbing blood pressure rate.




These staple veggies, highly nutritious and packed with the nutrients of minerals such as phenolic compounds which help to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, hence, reducing high blood pressure.







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