Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

by Jake G.

Is Male UltraCore™ really worth your money?

Written by: Jake G.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

When I first heard about Male UltraCore, the results sounded unreal to me. A supplement that boosts testosterone, increases your erection hardness and size, and gives you a ton of energy and performance at work and in the bedroom? I AM SOLD.

Male UltraCore is a premium testosterone booster that promises to accomplish a few goals for men over the age of 18:

  • Increase your testosterone levels
  • Increase your erection size and hardness
  • Give you TONS of energy and performance
  • Increase muscle definition and help you burn fat

If all of these benefits sound like something most men want, you would be absolutely correct. What man wouldn’t want to perform better in bed, at the gym, and at work? None! All it takes is 4 capsules daily on an empty stomach (or 8 capsules daily if you’re using the stronger Ultracore Power package). I was blown away with how much better I felt. Male enhancement pills and testosterone boosters are everywhere, but Male UltraCore manages to be BOTH a male enhancement pill and testosterone booster in the same package!

Male UltraCore Amazon Rating: 4.4 · 301 reviews

The sexual supplement industry has been known to make grandiose promises to its customer base. How many times have you heard that a “magic” pill will make you bigger, harder, and fuller? That you’ll be transformed into a sexual stallion that will rock your girl’s world from sun up till sundown?

Hey, I’m not saying all sexual supplements out there are bad, but I’m certainly on my guard when I hear all kinds of grand promises from a hot and ready newcomer. Male UltraCore is the sexual supplement under the microscope today.

From the surface, Male UltraCore looks like it has promise, but I won’t be the one deciding whether or not you should invest in this product. It’s you, the consumer, that will ultimately be making that decision. It’s your money after all.

Male UltraCore is a hot new daily enhancement sexual supplement and like many supplements out there promises to make your erections  bigger, harder, and fuller. Well, we’ll see about that.

What are the benefits of using Male UltraCore?

One of the highlights of Male UltraCore is its use of STEM and VI-PEX technology. These are proprietary enhancements unique only to Male UltraCore.

With that being said, let’s dive into the promoted benefits of this sexual supplement.

Increased production of semen – Male UltraCore promises to improve your semen output. That means you’ll be delivering bigger, thicker loads every time you ejaculate.

Boundless endurance in the bedroom – Hey, we’ve all had that one instance when we finished a bit too early. It happens to the best of us. Male UltraCore promises to boost your ability to please your partner until she’s completely satisfied.

Increases pheromone production – Whether you know it or not, your pheromones are always at work for you. They’re an invisible scent that helps to attract mates. Male UltraCore promises to enhance your pheromone production meaning, theoretically at least, your ability to attract compatible women will be at an all time high.

Increased sex drive – Of course, a male sexual supplement would be a complete failure if it didn’t increase your sex drive. This is where STEM technology steps into the picture, helping your body to build up the free testosterone it needs to boost your libido.

The marketed benefits of Male Ultra Core™ seem impressive, but my skepticism is not so easily curbed by a few promises. Let’s get to the juicy stuff. Let’s talk about the ingredients that lie at the core of Male UltraCore.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

Ingredient list

Honestly, the ingredients found within Male UltraCore surprised me in more than one way. Not only was I astounded by the sheer number of ingredients that went into making this supplement, but I was also surprised by the quality of these ingredients.

All of the ingredients within Male UltraCore are high-quality standardized extracts. The concept may sound complicated, but standardized extracts are simply the guaranteed percentage of ingredients found within a product.

For example, let’s say Product A has a 30% standardized extract while Product B has a 35% standardized extract. Which of the two will be more effective? Of course, Product B is the obvious choice even though the difference between both products is only 5%.

Male UltraCore claims to use a standardized extract as high as 50% which is insane when you consider the fact that the rest of the male supplement industry uses an average of 1% for most of their products. This percentage disparity alone sets  Male UltraCore far apart from its many competitors.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

Male UltraCore Ingredient list

Now that we’ve looked at the quality of the product let’s take a long, hard look at the ingredients that make up Male UltraCore.

Common ingredients

KSM-66 – If you’re looking to improve your testosterone levels and overall sexual functionality, KSM-66 is one of the best ingredients out there to accomplish the job.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a crucial ingredient in helping the body build up free testosterone which is vital for the bigger, fuller erections promised by Male UltraCore.

ZMA – ZMA stands for Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate and is yet another ingredient that helps to boost the testosterone levels of the body.

Tongkat Ali – Basically if you’re taking a male enhancement supplement and it doesn’t have this key ingredient than you might as well throw it in the trash. Also known as LongJack, Longifolia, and a few other names, Tongkat Ali is the key ingredient behind the boosts you receive regarding stamina, size, and libido.

Proprietary ingredients

Male UltraCore seems to be going out of its way to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack. It doesn’t just use common ingredients to give you the punch you need in the bedroom. It also uses a number of proprietary ingredients as well. These include:

Maca Root – If you ever find yourself in the jungles of Peru than you should think about picking up some Maca Root. Maca Root excels at numbing the neurotransmitters that are responsible for making you numb after you ejaculate. This will allow you to keep going even after you’ve blown your top a few times (if your lady friend is up to the task that is).

Horny Goat Weed – This ingredient helps to improve testosterone levels and has PDE-5 properties, making it one of the staple ingredients needed for male enhancement.

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient doesn’t so much help with testosterone production as it does with testosterone retention. It’s the primary job of Tribulus Terrestris to stop hormones from metabolizing testosterone.

L-Arginine – L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid, one of the many ingredients involved with improving blood circulation in the penis to boost your sexual performance in the bedroom.

Additional ingredients

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa – This ingredient helps to boost testosterone and synergizes with the ingredient Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA).

Muira Puama – Yet another testosterone booster that will improve the overall quality of your erection.

Damiana extract – Not only will Damiana extract make you more sensitive in the bedroom, but it has also been linked to boosts in cognitive abilities.

It’s not difficult to see why Male UltraCore holds itself to such high esteem. With so many all-natural ingredients that make up this supplement, there really does seem to be some bite behind all the bark of their marketing efforts.

The technology behind Male UltraCore

As mentioned earlier Male UltraCore brings new and interesting technologies to the table. These technologies, VI-PEX and STEM, are what truly makes Male UltraCore a unique product. Still, the question begs to be asked — what the hell is VI-PEX and STEM technology?

Let’s start with STEM. STEM technology specializes in combining testosterone boosters and enzyme inhibitors to help the body produce and store testosterone. It should make sense now why the ingredient list for Male UltraCore is chock-full of ingredients that boost testosterone.

Now, what we truly want to focus on is the term free testosterone. This is a small segment of testosterone that’s absorbed and used by the tissues in your body. Generally speaking only a small amount of the testosterone in your body is actually designated as free testosterone.

The total amount of free testosterone in your body is typically around 0.1 – 0.3% which is a surprising percentage when you consider the fact that your endurance, sex drive, and sexual performance are all affected by your free testosterone levels.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

Male UltraCore’s STEM technology helps your body to produce and store free testosterone. When this happens your ability to produce bigger, fuller erections will be that much easier to achieve.

The benefits of STEM technology doesn’t stop there. It also prevents enzymes such as estrogen and DHT from metabolizing the testosterone in your body into hormones. Thus, with the aid of STEM your stamina and sex drive levels won’t take a hit from your body’s natural processes.

Now, let’s switch over to VI-PEX technology, which offers enhanced blood flow-boosting properties. Male UltraCore promotes VI-PEX technology as the best blood flow-boosting technology in the industry.

Here’s how it works: VI-PEX technology increases the volume of blood to your penile chambers, boosting your ability to produce bigger, firmer erections whenever you feel up to the challenge.

Now here’s the kicker — when you combine these two technologies you’ll truly experience the full benefits of  Male UltraCore.



The synergy of VI-PEX and STEM

VI-PEX and STEM work together in a synergistic dance to boost your sexual performance. STEM will provide more of an internal boost, improving your ability to retain and absorb free testosterone thus increasing your sexual arousal.

VI-PEX then tags in by boosting the flow of blood to your penile chambers, allowing you to back up that new and improved sex drive of yours with a firm erection.

Frankly, the design of these technologies are genius. While alone they can still work to boost your sexual performance, together they have the potential to transform you into an unstoppable force of nature in the bedroom.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review


Male UltraCore™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

Have questions about Male UltraCore? Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning this product.

1) Is Male UltraCore really the best male enhancement pill in the market?

Male UltraCore isn’t the only male enhancement supplement to make that claim. However, you can’t discount its use of all-natural standardized ingredients, many of which that have well known and documented effects that boost sexual performance. Along with its VI-PEX and STEM technologies, Male UltraCore certainly isn’t in the wrong to claim to be the best of the best.

2) How should I take Male UltraCore?

You should take four pills every day before your first meal. The earlier you take Male UltraCore, the better. That way you’ll be ready to sexually perform at any time during the day. Be mindful that Male UltraCore won’t kick in immediately. You’ll have to maintain a steady regimen of one pill a day for 60 to 90 days before results start to kick in.

Male UltraCore isn’t a “quick fix.” It takes time before it truly starts to kick in. The marketing team behind Male UltraCore doesn’t try to trick you by lying about the length of time it generally takes before results start to appear. That type of honesty gets a thumbs up from me.

3) Is there a money back-back guarantee?

Yes, Male UltraCore offers a money back guarantee. If you don’t see results within 90 days of use, the company promises to give you a full refund. Simply ring them up (a phone number should be provided on the bottle) and request the refund.

You should then be given a return shipping address where you’ll have to mail your remaining stock of the supplement. Once the product has been received on their end, you should get your refund. Shipping costs will be coming out of your pocket, so make sure you’re 100% certain the product isn’t working before shipping it back.

4) Can Male UltraCore be taken in combination with other medication(s)?

I wouldn’t risk it without some professional advice. Run this by your doctor first if you’re taking other medication or special treatments to be on the safe side.

5) How does Male UltraCore work?

With its combination of VI-PEX and STEM technologies along with a list of all-natural ingredients, Male UltraCore increases blood flow to greatly improve your chances of achieving a long-lasting erection while also promoting your ability to build up and retain free testosterone. As a result, your sex drive, size, and stamina should all see significant improvement.

6) How safe is Male UltraCore to use?

With its all-natural ingredients, Male UltraCore seems to be safe for most healthy males (healthy being the keyword here). Be mindful that it’s your responsibility to read the ingredient list and identify any possible allergies. To be extra safe, talk to your doctor before taking Male UltraCore.

7) Is there a possibility Male UltraCore is a scam?

There’s certainly that risk, but I’m honestly doubtful that’s the case. Too much money has gone into the marketing of this product. Plus, their money back guarantee puts them on the line legally. I don’t see any warning signs of a scam here, but of course, I advise you do your own research before making a purchasing decision.

8) How long will I have to wait before I start seeing results?

Everybody is different, so don’t expect some all-encompassing time frame before results start kicking in. Factors such as weight, diet, age, etc can all play a role, so you’ll just have to be patient. With that being said, you should expect to see something occur anywhere between 60 to 90 days.

9) Is there a discreet shipping option?

Yes, Male UltraCore does offer discreet shipping. This should be the default shipping option when you’re checking out on their site.

More on Male UltraCore’s buyer’s guarantee

Male UltraCore offers a 90 day, 100% buyers guarantee. So, that gives you 90 days to try the product out. If it doesn’t work within the first 90 days of use, then you can call the company and start the refund process.

Why is this so important for a male sexual supplement? It shows a willingness to put their reputation on the line and it also displays their confidence that their product will work the way they claim it does. Imagine if every customer out there didn’t see results within at least 90 days of use of the product. The internet would be flooded with complaints, bad reviews, and class action lawsuits (but that might be pushing it).

I like to see companies who stand by their products with guarantees like this one. When it comes to taking care of their customers, Male UltraCore seems to have their priorities straight.

Male UltraCore’s Premier Loyalty Pricing

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

If there’s one unique benefit of Male UltraCore that hasn’t been mentioned as much as it needs to, it would be the Premier Loyalty Pricing. Not too many people talk about the Premier Loyalty Pricing until they see that there’s a massive discount on their account.

It’s a bold move by Male UltraCore to offer massive discounts to loyal customers. If you have purchased Male UltraCore for three consecutive months, you automatically get enrolled to Premier Loyalty Pricing, which gives you about $40 savings every month after your third month. That adds up to $480 savings a year on your subscription, and on top of that, you still get the same quality, same science, and same ingredients that you enjoyed over the first three months. The Premier Loyalty Pricing is in place to allow customers to maintain their Male UltraCore intake even after the first three months has passed. I’d imagine that any man who has taken Male UltraCore for three months would know how big of an impact Male UltraCore has in a person’s sex life, and giving that up because the monthly charge is too much may be

Supplement studies show that supplements need to be taken consistently to have a consistent impact on the body. Whether this is a marketing strategy to keep their customers on the program or a genuine focus on the results of their customers, we may never know. But judging from the effort that they put into creating Male UltraCore, it makes me believe that there is a genuine drive from Male UltraCore to keep their customers happy with the benefits of the product.

Is Male UltraCore worth it?

Is Male UltraCore truly worth it? With its proprietary technology, all-natural ingredients, and money back guarantee policy I’m convinced that Male UltraCore is worth your time and money.

Am I saying that this product will work as stated with 100% certainty? No, but all the stars seem to align for Male UltraCore. This product looks legit, and I’d certainly give it a try if I needed a boost in the bedroom.

Right now, I seem to be functioning just fine because my wife tells me she’s happy with our sex life (though she could be lying to me), so I’ll hold off on the investment. If the day comes where I need a boost in sexual performance, Male UltraCore will likely be the first place I turn.

Best Male Performance Pills Review – Male Ultracore Review

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