Best Sex Tips Every Man Should Know

by David Johnson
sweet morning kisses in bed

Do you want to have great sex? Are you in search of tips that would help make your erections harder? Are you looking to have mind-blowing orgasms, or pleasing your partner more?  Or just maybe you are curious and want to explore a bit more on anal plays and sex toys. Well, whatever it is, we have tips that would surely be helpful.

Make Use Of Your Tongue Wisely

While you are kissing your partner, there isn’t any need to go on a rushing spree with your tongue, because it can be a turn off for your partner. Let’s face it; nobody wants to have saliva all over their face after a kiss session. Still, that doesn’t mean you should just put your tongue in, and bring it right out back, like a dart. There are different motions and levels of pressure you need to put in while kissing. Take your time, and figure out what motions get your partner into the mood faster.

Try Using A Cock Ring

Cock ring is a must-have sex toy if you are looking to add more spice and fun to your sex life. What’s more, it’s very cheap and its mode of usage isn’t complicated in the slightest. Cock rings are sex toys that you can put to fit on the base of your penis, and you can even get a cock ring that would fit into your testicles as well, the choice depends on how kinky you want to be. Cock rings can help make your erections harder, fuel your ego, and even make you have powerful orgasms.

To take things to the next level, you can make use of a vibrating cock ring and this would help you in massaging your partner’s clitoris as well, making the sex more fun and enjoyable.

Get A Condom That Fits


Normally, you aren’t supposed to feel uncomfy while wearing a condom. If you hate how it feels when you wear one, then you probably aren’t wearing it the right way. Condoms are great in preventing your partner from getting pregnant and it also protects you from STDs. So, if you are certain that you are wearing it the right way and it still feels uncomfortable then you aren’t wearing the right one.

When next you go on a buying spree for condoms, make sure to get the one that fits your penis like a second skin and go for the ultra-thin ones. This would ensure that you feel the warmness and the skin of your partner’s body.

Make Use Of Butt Plugs

Butt plugs or anal beads can be used to stimulate the prostate when having sex with your partner, and it’s even great for solo sessions. Butt plugs are useful in activating all the nerve endings positioned around the anus. When using butt plugs during sex, you need to put it in your anus and leave it there, and for anal beads, you can put it in and occasionally pull it out during sex.

Don’t Forget To Lube Ulubricantp

Being heavily lubricated would increase the speed at which you use to thrust in and out of your partner’s clitoris. Lubes are even more important if you want to try out anal sex because the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so you would need to properly lubricate it, to avoid causing pain to your partner.

Right before you start penetration, squeeze a little bit on the tip of your penis, but if you are doing anal sex with your partner, then you may need to squeeze up some more.

No Rush

There is no finish line in sex, so why rush? Explore your partner’s body and understand how they react to every of your touch. This would make you know what your partner loves and doesn’t, and in your next sex session, you can improve on that. Taking time to relate with your partner during sex would build up a certain level of closeness that you may not be able to achieve otherwise.

Sex is very mechanical, and it’s during foreplay, you get to understand the things you don’t like.

Don’t Overdo The Clitoris Foreplay

The clitoris is full of sensitive nerve endings, so your partner might not want direct contact. The clitoris is beyond what protrudes, it is also connected to the sides of the vagina, so you can massage there without touching the clitoris directly. You can rub your fingers there in a slow and round movement or you can use your tongue for an extra-wet stroke. This would stir up more pleasure than you can imagine.

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