by David Johnson


Acts of promiscuity are ones that most societies kick against. This is so because it is mostly considered shameful and posed against most religious inclinations and cultural beliefs.


Promiscuity has many downsides and no benefit at all. It is the only highly risky engagement that has no positive benefits. No wonder it is considered an eyesore in many societies.


This article centers on the many dangers that accompany being promiscuous. However, let’s take a look at what promiscuity entails before delving into its dangers.


Promiscuity Defined


A promiscuous person has several sexual partners with whom he or she shares sexual adventures and excitements. Whether married or single, anyone who basks in the pleasure of causal sexual intimacy and who has at his or her disposal, more than one sexual partner can be considered promiscuous.


It is an example of highly risky behavior that could affect one’s physical and emotional health negatively. It is a sex appeal that is characterized by infidelity to relationships, wishful thinking about sexual fantasies that could develop into hypersexual inclinations in the long run, bawdry associations, and so on. They are also at the forefront of risky habits such as alcohol abuse, smoking, and substance abuse. However, studies have shown that people who are in healthy long term relationships enjoy better health and longevity than promiscuous persons.


Why do people have many sexual partners?


4 people sleeping together

For self-gratification


For most people who are promiscuous, they derive satisfaction from sexual indulgences with different people. To them, they are only having fun and that’s why it’s easy for them to engage in casual sex. In fact, among peers, the number of sexual partners they have is usually for competition as they delight in being the person with the highest number of fuck-buddies.


Escape from other emotional issues


Some other people feel being promiscuous opens up the window for them to temporarily forget about their problems and be distracted from life. They distract themselves by engaging different-sex partners on different occasions. Some others are running away from the responsibilities that come with having a single partner, hence, because they are not ready for any commitment, they tend to give in to promiscuity.


Dangers of being promiscuous


Believing that casual sex is not a crime and that having multiple sex partners is also a crime, is a dangerous endeavor. It makes you vulnerable to two major consequences which are:


It impacts your physical health negatively.


It impacts your emotional health negatively.


The Impact of Promiscuity On Your Physical Health


man in a threesome

A promiscuous lifestyle makes you vulnerable to a lot of physical risks such as the following:




You could contract this virus jumping from one sexual partner to another sexual partner. Not only will you contract it, but you will also make a good vector as you will aid the transmission process from person to person. Hereby, achieving a multiplier effect of AIDs victims in the short run.

STDs and STIs


You run the risk of being infected with STDs such as syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus (HPVs). It is not only through sexual intercourse that STDs can be passed, it can also be transmitted orally through kissing and through blood contact.


Other health conditions


Other high-risk behavior that accompanies promiscuity such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and substance abuse exposes you to other chronic diseases such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.


Assault and physical abuse


Promiscuous partners often engage in physical abuse of each other largely because of the breach of trust in the relationship.


The impact of promiscuity on emotional health


If there is no mental health, there is no health at all. Promiscuity could impact negatively on your emotional health as it could lead to obsessing over sexual desire, developing self-mindset, unstable relationships, and even depression.


Obsessing over sexual desire with new partners


Trying out different partners may alter changes in your brain which can make you addicted to finding new sex partners for pleasure.


Developing self-mindset or the self-concept


Being promiscuous is all about gratifying your sexual fantasies and not that of others. Feelings of ego and pride that comes with having multiple partners also gives you a sense of gratification. The implication of this is that you might not be able to sustain relationships as everything revolves around you.


Unstable relationships


Promiscuous persons jump from one relationship to another. They can’t be committed to any single relationship. They are the kind of people you find with several families with devastating consequences for their partners and children in the long run.



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