Are There Any Dangers When Taking Creatine?

Are There Any Dangers When Taking Creatine?

Creatine is found in many men’s health supplements and it is an organic acid. It naturally occurs in the body and helps to boost energy for the cells

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Creatine is found in many men’s health supplements and it is an organic acid. It naturally occurs in the body and helps to boost energy for the cells and muscles. However, some people who lower Creatine levels will benefit from using supplements that include them. There are some things you should know before directly taking Creatine but they aren’t anything that can’t be fought off. First you should know, that exercise is essential to your well-being. You need energy to exercise and you need Creatine to do this. Creatine provides you with many benefits including boosted energy, less fatigue and more. It is potent and offers very little side effects. However, you still need to know about them.

shutterstock_362404175Urination Issues

There are many men who have taken Creatine who start having frequent urination. It is not a direct cause of the Creatine itself. However, it is due to the fact that starting this supplement should include a loading phase. This is when your muscles get saturated with the Creatine. You start by taking it about five times every day for about the first five day. When you take the Creatine you should take it with about 200 milliliters of water. Since you are drinking a lot more water each day, you need to urinate more often. This isn’t dangerous in any way.

Water Retention

When you take Creatine, water is taken from other areas of your body to put into the muscles. This causes the body to retain more of the water and start to bloat. This could cause some weight gain and bloating. If you have an issue with this, you could easily take LipoGenix Elite supplements to fight off the excess weight.

Kidney Problems

shutterstock_91179803It is very rare for any man to complain about kidney issues after they have taken Creatine. However, it needs to be mentioned that kidney problems could arise. This is not proven but it has been noted by some. Studies are being done to see if it is even a possibility. There are currently conflicting reports on this. If you already have kidney issues, you may want to avoid taking Creatine supplements just for the purpose of this notation. There are some that think Creatine in too high of levels with put pressure on the kidneys. However, again this isn’t proven just noted.

If you are looking to take any sort of supplements it is important that you have all the information needed. Some of the information you learn about supplements may be proven and other things are just noted. It is important that you read it all and understand what each supplement has to offer for you. If you are considering taking Creatine, you now know that it could cause water retention but that can easily be fought off. It could cause urination issues but these are not damaging to the body. They are temporary and not serious in any manner at all. The kidney problems were just noted and not proven. Now that you are have more information about Creatine you can decide whether it is a supplement that will be the best for you.