Detox Foods That Help with Weight Loss

Detox Foods That Help with Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. You may have struggled with it for as long as you can remember or it may be something new

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Losing weight can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. You may have struggled with it for as long as you can remember or it may be something new to you. No matter what length of time you have struggled with trying to lose weight, you should know there are some detox foods that will aid in your weight loss efforts. What are detox foods? Well, basically they are foods that have vitamins, nutrients and other things that will help your body kick start your weight loss. Find out more today!


Beetroot is chocked full of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B3. This detox food also has beta-carotene, calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron. These are all the things you need to get your body into detox mode and be able to eliminate the toxins in your body. Your liver and gallbladder health will also be improved by eating beetroot.


Dandelions…what? Yes, dandelions are full of nutrients you need to start losing weight. They have many phytonutrients that will benefit you and your health. They are chocked full of antioxidants that will help you to have better digestive functioning. You can add the leaves of dandelions into your salad to make them tasty.

Sea Vegetables

broccoli-sproutsWhat are sea vegetables? Well, basically it is seaweed. These are full of antioxidants that work to strengthen your digestive functioning. The sea vegetables also take in the toxins in your digestive system to create a healthier stomach. They have many minerals that you may be missing in your blood. These minerals are helpful in kicking off that weight.

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are powerhouse foods that will help you lose weight. They have phytochemicals that get broken down into your body and help with the detox effects your body needs to lose weight. You should know that broccoli sprouts are about 20 times healthier than broccoli.


Lemons are another detox food that will help you with your weight loss goals. These release enzymes that turn the toxins in your body into something similar to water so it can be released from the body. If you drink lemon water right when you get up, it will eat up the acid in the foods you eat throughout the day, keeping your weight managed and helping you to lose weight at the same time.

Now that you know of some of the most common detox foods, you can start losing weight. You can go shopping for these foods to get your body detoxed from toxins and unhealthy chemicals. Be sure that you eat them regularly. If you take LipoGenix Elite along with these foods, you are going to see amazing results happening right before your eyes.