How to Dress for a First Date

by maxfitnesshub
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You did it! You acquired a woman’s number and set up a first date. But here you are now, the day of, racking your brain for what to wear for this occasion. The simple answer to that is… well, there is no simple answer. It depends on where you are going/ what you’re doing/ if she’s a member of a cyberpunk sex cult. Let’s assume you are choosing a safe, popular date option (and that she isn’t hacking her way into your heart.) Here’s a helpful guide for a few common first date outfits!

woman browsing restaurant menuThe first, and probably the most important, step to dressing for a date is hygiene. This is key, whether you are just relaxing at home with her or taking her out to a fancy dinner. The best advice I can give you is shower about an hour before the date. It is going to leave you clean and smelling nice. It is also going to remove any dirt and oils from the skin and hair leaving both soft and looking hydrated. Put on deodorant, even if you cannot make it home for a quick shower. A reapplication of antiperspirant is going to not only help with nervous sweating, but also keep you smelling fresh through the night. Groom yourself, so get out the nail clippers and give yourself a manicure and trim up the facial hair, if needed. It might seem ridiculous to you, but that extra effort you just put in is really going to impress her.

We are going to start with the most common first date of all, the classic coffee. People tend to not plan well when they propose their first date, which leaves you rushing out of the office for your lunch break to meet with her. Your best bet is bringing a nice jacket or a change of shirt, whichever is more seasonally appropriate, and a comb to work with you. Take a quick look in the bathroom mirror, give your hair a good once over and splash some water on your face. It is not as good as a shower, but it is going to have the same effect for a short time. Don’t forget the deodorant and put on your change of shirt or jacket to cover up any spills or sweat that might have happened throughout the day. While you may not feel like a million dollars, it is going to really spruce you up. Don’t look like a workaholic, or even worse, an anxious mess!

classy man on a date with beautiful womanThe second most common place for a date is dinner. It is also going to be the most stressful to dress for at times, because with dinner there is no strict ruling on what is casual or semi-casual. Your best bet is to go for a mixture of both. Leave the jeans at home and try wearing a khaki pant. Wear a nice, well-fitted button-up shirt, and tuck it in (for once.) Nice shoes are really going to tie a look together, so ditch the ratty, old tennis shoes and try some loafers. What you are trying to accomplish here is to look stylish without looking like you are “dressing up.” Keep your hair in your usual style. It will give your date something familiar about you to notice. A drastically different do or too much product will make it look like you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not.

How about a fancy restaurant? If you’re the bold type that likes to go big, you need to dress the part. Formal wear is more straight forward. We want to make sure that we’re dressing to look stylish and not “dressed up” or professional. This is going to typically involve a dark pant and matching socks. Do not mix navy pants and black socks, she will notice. Trust me, we always do. Match your socks to the best of your ability, unless you’re so fortunate you have a friend you can call about it. Wear a well fitted belt and a nice button up, cuffed shirt. Tuck it in, but you already knew that didn’t you. A blazer is really going to tie the look together and is useful later for when you are walking her home and she gets chilly. But the most import thing you must remember here is make sure your clothes are fitted to you and your body type. Nothing is worse than seeing a man wearing a suit that is a half size to big or small for him.
A night in might be an idea for the first date, but it brings the question, how comfortable should I look in my own home? You don’t want to look like you are uncomfortably dressed up, but you also don’t want to look like you wouldn’t care if she was there at all. This is a little trickier than our last outfits, you are going to want to put away your comfortable pants, no sweats tonight. Instead try some jeans or another casual pant. A plain t-shirt will probably do the trick for you, but stay away from graphics, they are going to draw attention away from your face, making conversation harder. Sneakers are going to be fine, but nice, clean ones, not your joggers, and no bare feet (ew). Yes, it is your home, but no woman wants to see or smell your feet all night. While this may seem like the most easygoing date idea, it is filled with countless possible faux pas, so take note guys and at least keep your appearance in check.

First dates are hard and stressful but having the right outfit for the occasion is a great way to give yourself the confidence you need to make it successful. While this article could never possibly cover all the different dates you could go one, hopefully it helps with something similar and gives you an idea of what might impress a woman and what is going to make her feel like you’re trying too hard. Remember to always make sure you are comfortable with your appearance and always keep it believable.

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