Easy Desk Exercises

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
man stretching in the office has more energy with Progentra

When it comes to fitness, you can do it just about anywhere. Chances are that you spend most of your time at your desk, computer, on the couch, etc. and not enough time moving around. This can be really bad for your health. Did you know that you are at higher risk for many conditions and are more likely to die early, if you spend most of your time sitting? Basically, sitting around is killing us. Millions of deaths a year can be attributed to lack of physical activity, so why not try some of these exercises that are easy to do instead of being tied to your desk all day?

Sitting Makes Us Fat

On average we are sitting more of the day than we are doing physical activity. Our bodies were made to move, but our society has turned into one where you are more likely to sit in an office than go out and do something. Think of how much you sit a day. On the way to work, at work, when you get home, and essentially when you’re sleeping. With all this sitting and so little activity, we are getting fat. It only makes sense, as technology has advanced, our chances of sitting and working with this technology has only grown.

If you are able to get in some more activity, you can potentially lose this weight that you are gaining by sitting. Did you know, that on average, over just 5 years, or less, you are likely to gain almost 20 pounds, or more, by sitting in your office? You can lose these extra pounds associated with sitting by just incorporating some of these simple desk exercises.

Start With Stretches

While you are sitting at your desk, it will be very easy to try these simple stretching exercises.

woman stretching in office deskReach Up. Put your hands together and reach for the ceiling, or sky, whatever you find more inspirational. Make sure that you reach as high as possible. Keep your palms towards the ceiling!

Rubber Neck. Sit up, as straight as possible, and put your right ear on your right shoulder. You don’t have to completely put your ear on your shoulder, but you will feel your neck stretching. Hold this for a few seconds and then do it on your left side!

Chin Drop. Look down, dropping your chin to your chest, and slowly roll your head from side to side.

Shrugs. Seriously, do your most exaggerated shrug. Make sure that you do it a few times to really stretch out your shoulders.

Chest Stretches. Put your hands behind your back, press them together, and then sit up straight. These will help to stretch your chest and shoulders.

Toy Soldier. Sit up straight and bring your left arm towards the ceiling. Then, straighten your right leg, and bring it up towards your left hand. Slowly bring down your left hand while you are doing this and try to touch your right foot. This will create a “soldier’s march” type of look. Do multiple reps on each side.

Knee Hugs. Bend your knee and bring it up so that your arms are hugging it. Pull it as close to your chest as possible. Hold for about ten seconds and then do the other side.

Reach and Bend. Raise your right arm over your head, as high as possible. Then reach over your head to the left. Gently bend so that you sort of look like a half moon, or a croissant, whichever you prefer. Make sure to do it on the other side too.

Now for the Exercises

man doing exercise in the office with more energyWalk/Run in Place. This helps to get your heart beating and your blood pumping. By walking or running in place you will get yourself up and out of your chair. Make sure that you are doing this for at least 30 seconds, and do it a couple times a day.

Push Ups. Push ups are so easy to do in your office. As long as you have a flat surface, you can do a push up. You can also use your wall or the edge of your desk to do push ups, sometimes these are easier. If you haven’t done a push up in a while, don’t be discouraged if you can’t do a lot. If you keep at it, you will be able to do more and more as time goes on.

Squats. The exercise that is sweeping the nation, squats. You can do squats everywhere. For example, you can do squats while you wait for your food to heat up, while you wait for a response in your emails, or when you are sitting in on an incredibly long phone call. You can use your chair, just by standing and sitting back down over and over, you are doing a squat. See, simple right?

Tricep Dips. If you stand with your back to your desk, and then place your hands, fingers facing out, on the edge of the desk, you will be able to do these dips. Make sure that your body is going up and down, and is powered by your arms, not your legs. These can be done almost anywhere and are super easy to perform.

Invisible Jump Rope. All you have to do is pretend like your jump roping, not so hard right? This exercise will get your heart going and can help with blood flow, which gets hindered the longer you sit at your desk.

Calf Raises. Calf raises are super simple. All you have to do is stand up, and lift your heels off the ground, keeping the balls of your feet down. Do 3 sets of 10, every time you get up to do them.

Wall Sit. Wall sits are cool, because all you need is a wall, and what kind of office doesn’t have those? You will need to press your back against the wall and sit as if you are sitting in a chair. Try to hold this for 30 seconds. If you are not able to hold this for 30 seconds the first couple times, try 10 seconds and then work up from there.

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