Exercises to Get a Bigger Butt

by maxfitnesshub
woman doing yoga pose for butt

It’s no surprise that the most attractive muscle on a woman’s body, according to a man, is their butt. But, did you know that women actually find it sexy when men have big butts, too?

The gluteus maximus, or the biggest muscle in your butt, is also the largest muscle in the body. And just like all other muscles, the gluteus maximus should be kept in good shape. But sometimes, we need a little help in choosing the exercises that give us the best results.

To start, here are a few resistance exercises that will turn your butt from flat and dull, to thick and juicy, for the ladies to really appreciate.

1. Hip Extension

This movement is a great starter to your workout. Even though it’s simple to learn and easy to incorporate into any routine, the hip extension will make your hamstrings and glutes burn a tad. But that’s okay, because remember, pain is gain.

To do this exercise, make sure you are on a flat platform. Sometimes a bed will accomplish the goal, too. If you are using a platform, lie face down with your hips at the edge of the platform. Make sure your legs are straight, with your toes lightly touching the floor. If you’re using a bed, do the same position, except have your legs hang off the bed in mid-air. Make sure your legs are straight here, too. Once you have made sure your legs are straight enough to line up with your hips, you can start the exercise.

Lift one leg higher than the other, then alternate legs. Pretend as if you’re swimming in water and go with the motions for 3 sets of 20 repetitions to begin. If you eel you can do more, go ahead.

2. Barbell Squats

fit women doing barbell squats in gymSquats have always been the go-to exercise to gain more butt muscle. To add resistance while doing a squat, simply place a dumbbell in each hand, or a bar across your shoulders, and proceed with the motions.

Remember, if you use a bar, it’s recommended to have a spotter accompany you, unless the resistance is very little.
Varying the width of your feet will allow different target areas to be worked on. The closer together your feet are, the more your quads will feel the pressure. The further your feet are from one another, the more your butt and hips will feel the pressure.

3. Lunges

Lunges have always been known to target the butt region. And, there’s quite a few to choose from to get maximum results.

Stationary lunges are the basic, and usually the lunge that everyone starts with. To begin, make sure your feet are hip width apart. Then, take a large step with one of your feet, right or left, it doesn’t matter. This step should be about the same distance that your feet had between them when you began the exercise. Next, lower yourself until your thigh is parallel with the ground. While doing this motion, make sure your torso is completely straight and your hips and shoulders are going straight down. Your knee on the opposite leg of which you used to step should not touch the ground at any point and time. Do however many sets of repetitions for this one leg. Finally, do the same to your other leg. You should maintain the same position throughout the lunges on each leg.

Walking lunges are the same as stationary lunges, except one tiny advancement. Instead of staying in one position the entire time to do left and right leg lunges, you will walk while performing the exercise. The motions are the same, just follow through on each leg as if you’re walking.

Alternating lunges are also the same as stationary lunges, except instead of focusing on one leg for a few sets of repetitions, you’ll alternate the leg each time you do a single lunge. For example, first you will perform the lunge on the right leg, one lunge. Then, you will perform the lunge on the left leg, one lunge. Repeat until you have finished your sets of repetitions.

Side Lunges are slightly different from all the other lunges. The starting position is the same: stand with your feet hip width apart. Then, take a slow, lateral step to the right or left. If you were to take your lateral step to the right, you would then extend your left leg, and lean all your weight to the right. Maintain good posture throughout the entire motion, being sure to keep your head and chest up. Finally, pause once you have gone low enough, and bring yourself back up slowly to perform the same lunge on the opposite leg.

Choose how many sets of repetitions you’ll do of whatever lunge you choose, and you’ll be on your way.

4. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are efficient in gaining muscle mass in your hamstrings, butt, and lower back. However, you must maintain form to get the most beneficial results, and to avoid injury.

fit man and woman doing dead lift in gymStart by having your feet stand hip width apart, just like with lunges. Make sure your weights are in front of your feet. Bend down, making sure to maintain a flat back, with your abs tucked in. Remember, bend from your hips. Now, you have to squeeze your but so that you will be able to lift the weights.

Keep your weights or weight bar close to your legs throughout the entire exercise and try not to bend your knees once you are standing straight. Slowly proceed with however many sets of repetitions you’d like to do.

Other than these exercises, there’s of course the most obvious daily routine you can get into, for lack of time or unwillingness to start such rigorous routines: stairs.

Check out the Stair Master at your local gym or use the stairs at your house to constantly go up and down. Once you’ve established this routine, it should be a breeze to jump into the next routine listed above.

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