Genital Dissatisfaction Can Ruin Your Sexual Health

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

          How satisfied are you with the size and appearance of your genitals? If you’re quite satisfied with the shape and length of your penis, then good for you. Unfortunately for those who aren’t quite happy with how they hang, being dissatisfied about your penis size and appearance may have negative effects on your sexual function.

          Genital satisfaction plays a crucial role in your sex life but also in your psychosocial health. In fact, there are various mental issues associated with genital dissatisfaction such as penile dysmorphic disorder and small penis anxiety. Read on to learn more about the impact of genital dissatisfaction on your sexual health.

Genital Dissatisfaction in American Men

          A 2017 study involving around 4,000 American men revealed that having a low genital satisfaction is strongly linked with decreased sexual activity.

          There’s actually a tool that researchers use to measure how well you perceive your genitalia. Called the Index of Male Genital Image, the tool measures your satisfaction with your flaccid penis length, the girth of your erect penis, and the shape of your penis glans. It even measures how satisfied you are with the scent of your genitals.

          According to the study, American men are most satisfied with their penis glans is shaped, with 64% of the participants indicating satisfaction. American men also appear to be satisfied with their circumcision status, with 62% of the participants responding positively.

          After circumcision status, 61% of the respondents said they were satisfied with the girth of their erect penis. Sixty percent of the participants said they were satisfied with the texture of the penis skin, while 59% said they were satisfied with the size of their testicles.

          Looking at the other end of the genital satisfaction spectrum, American men were most dissatisfied with their flaccid penis size, with 27% of the participants indicating dissatisfaction. Nineteen percent said they were not happy with their erect penile length, while 15% said they were unhappy with the girth of their erect penis.

Genital Dissatisfaction Can Ruin Your Sexual Health          The researchers also noted that the men who reported extreme dissatisfaction were bothered by their flaccid penis length as well as the length and girth of their erect penis. What’s interesting is that the men who indicated that they were dissatisfied with their genitals tended to be less sexually active than men who reported high genital satisfaction.

          In addition, men who were satisfied with their genitals reported more frequent penetrative vaginal sex than those who reported genital satisfaction. The men who were unsatisfied with their genitalia also received oral sex less frequently.

Small Penis Syndrome

          Also referred to as small penis anxiety, small penis syndrome refers to a condition wherein you get overly anxious or dissatisfied with your penis size and you think it’s too small even when it’s clinically considered within the normal range.

          Small penis syndrome is totally different from having a micropenis. The former is all about your excessive worries about your genital size while the latter is about literally having a miniature penis. If the average flaccid penis length is 5 inches and yours is just around 2 inches or even less, then that may qualify as a micropenis.

          Men who suffer from small penis syndrome tend to suffer other psychological issues such as insecurity, lack of self-confidence, and feeling inadequate. These burdens may cause problems within a relationship. And in some men, it may even prevent them from forming intimate relationships.

          In addition, small penis syndrome may also lead to sexual performance anxiety. When you’re too worried about your penis supposedly not being long enough, it can make you question whether you’re capable of giving your partner sexual satisfaction.

Penile Dysmorphic Disorder

          Falling under the general category of body dysmorphic disorder, penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD) is different from small penis syndrome. With PDD, there’s excessive preoccupation about a perceived defect in the penis. The defect may be totally nonexistent or too slight to be noticed by others.

          In addition, men with penile dysmorphic disorder often engage in repetitive behaviors centered around their perceived penile defect. If you’re simply dissatisfied with your penis length, you’ll probably just comment about it in an offhand manner when you’re in the locker room with your buddies.

          If you have small penis syndrome, you may go as far as consulting your urologist about your penile length, and maybe ask around about how to stretch or lengthen your penis. Men with penile dysmorphic disorder, on the other hand, may check their penile length several times a day.

          This repetitive behavior can sometimes lead to significant disruption in their daily lives. In most cases, the distress that men with PDD suffer over their perceived penile defect can impair social and occupational functioning.

Genital Dissatisfaction Can Ruin Your Sexual Health          Men with PDD also tend to seek cosmetic procedures which they hope can cure their perceived defects. However, since the defect is so slight or there’s no defect at all, they will often end up being dissatisfied with the cosmetic procedure that they had just undergone. This will prompt them to go for another cosmetic procedure, often with the same results.

          Research indicates that men suffering from body dysmorphic disorder tend to have reduced erectile and orgasmic functions and lower intercourse satisfaction. Men with small penis syndrome also tend to have lower intercourse satisfaction.

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