Get Fit Quicker Than Ever with These Strength Building Tips

by maxfitnesshub

You want to get fit quicker than ever. What have you been waiting for? The strength building tips here are going to help you do this. The following information will be based on you committing to a work out program for eight weeks. It is important to remember that every body is different. Your body may not react to the same workouts as someone else. Either way these strength building tips are ones you need to try. In the end, you may want to combine high intensity interval training and low intensity steady state exercises to get as strong as possible.


You may have heard of tabatas. Doing sets of these is going to help you build strength. You do one set of these in four minutes. This is an intense set. When doing this type of exercise you will need to do twenty seconds of giving it your all and ten seconds of total rest. When you partake in Tabata training you will do many sets. The exercises that are included may be elliptical, cycling, sprints, push-ups, jump squats and more. The secret is to push yourself as much as you can for the entire twenty seconds and completely rest for the ten seconds. This is an excellent way to get fit fast and improve your metabolism as well. By doing this type of training for six weeks and five days a week, you will increase your fitness by just under thirty percent.


You can also try out hurricanes if you want to get fit quicker than ever. Most workouts on the treadmill include standing on a treadmill, setting a time on the treadmill and going along with one pace for the time that was set. This is not going to do anything for your fitness. You need to turn your workout session into a hurricane. The strength and other benefits you would get from a one and a half hour run can be gotten in only fifteen minutes with a treadmill. With this routine, you stand on a treadmill, set the highest pace and highest incline the machine will go and start to sprint as fast as you can. Do this for half a minute. You will jump off the treadmill and do this once more after resting for 10 seconds. You will need to stop the machine before jumping back on. You should do these 10 times. It will feel like you have run for hours which is great.


Ten Minute Timing

Some people say you can’t get fit unless you work out for one hour. However, some people don’t have the time to be going to the gym for that long or even working out that long in their home either. What should you do if you don’t have the time? You can set a timer for only ten minutes. There is a lot you can do in ten minutes. You can do an entire body burn. You will need dumbbells as well as a chair. You need to warm up before doing anything. This should include 50 jumping jacks. You will need to do dumbbell squats with lifting the dumbbells over your head. Do these 20 times. You will then do push-up rows with the dumbbells and finally, complete it with high knees while holding the dumbbells up.

Group of adults participating in a fitness class.

Group of adults participating in a fitness class.

High Intensity Calorie Burning

To get fit quicker, you can also work out by doing high intensity calorie burning. You won’t need any type of equipment for this. You will go through a circuit three times and only rest for about fifteen seconds in between the circuits. To start you will do 50 jumping jacks. You will go right into 10 push-ups after that. The next part is 20 squats with a hip thrust forward after going down and jump high at the end. To finish, you will do 10 push-ups, 20 vertical jumps and 10 push-ups.  Do all of this as fast as you can.

Using a Weighted Vest

Another way for you to get fit quicker is to use a weighted vest. No matter which type of exercises you are doing, wearing a weighted vest is going to help you get stronger, faster.

Now you know how to get fit quicker than ever.

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