Give Her a Perfect Orgasm Every Time

by maxfitnesshub

Just thinking about the sex with your woman, you may get turned on. However, what if you could make her sexual experiences even more amazing? What if you could give her a perfect orgasm every single time? Don’t think that is possible? It is and when you implement the tips here you will find a whole new view to how amazing you can be in bed. She will be impressed with you taking care of her in bed as well. You must first remember to practice lasting longer in bed and not ejaculating early. So how is that perfect orgasm going to happen? Find out now!


Foreplay is essential if you are trying to give your woman the perfect orgasm. If you spend about three times as much time with foreplay than you do with the sexual intercourse, you will find that helps a great deal. Some types of foreplay might be stroking her body, massaging her whole body or just parts of it and kissing.

shutterstock_340764065Take Your Time

Rushing is not going to get her the perfect orgasm and it may not even allow her to orgasm at all. You do not have to and should not rush when you are getting to the sexual intercourse itself. Just relax and enjoy the full experience from foreplay to teasing and then to the actual intercourse. Even when you are in the middle of sex, you can slow down and tease her some more.

Completely Wet

When should you actual get to the sexual intercourse after spending time on foreplay? Well, there is no exact moment but if you wait until she is completely wet, you will have her craving for you so badly. She is going to want you all day and night long. To get her wet, you can engage in foreplay ideas mentioned above. You can also play with her nipples to get her wet and begging for you as well. You can also give her oral sex.

shutterstock_303137849Multiple Positions

Another way to give her a perfect orgasm every time is to try out different sexual positions. The g-spot is “activated” when it gets touched or massaged in certain ways. When you change your position, you can try to increase her pleasure by touching her in different ways too.

Enter Slowly

Just as you took your time with foreplay, you should take your time entering her. When you go slow you can tease her a bit more and make her more ready than ever before. Stroke her with your penis and she will be begging for more.

These are some of the best ways that you can give her a perfect orgasm every time. You don’t have to prevent yourself from ejaculating to do this just try to slow things down so you can hold off longer too. Not only will these tips help her get that perfect orgasm but you may be able to orgasm simultaneously by doing this too.

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