by David Johnson

Stamina is popularly talked about when it relates to men and sexual activities. According to what is popularly acknowledged, any man who lasts long during sex is the standard. For certain people, what they need to experience satisfaction are long sex sessions but this is not the case for everyone. The definition of stamina differs as humans are different and also to some, it just does not matter. People looking to enhance their sexual life should think about their overall health always. Erections according to some perceptions are usually the measure of a man’s health condition whether physically or psychologically. 


Stamina Definition



A man’s sexual endurance is often defined as his lasting period during sex. A suboptimal stamina definition depends solely on the person defining it. When a man does not last as long as he desires to, it means he is having early ejaculations, erectile dysfunction, and so on. Finding out the underlying cause for this should be the first strategy to fixing up your stamina.


  Try Other Masturbation Techniques


In most cases, a hindrance in a man’s ability to enjoy partnered sex is due to their masturbation techniques. A slight difference in tightness and lubrication might be enough to stop him from having the same levels of enjoyment that he experiences while masturbating. Being in a unique position or trying out sex in the shower could be the excitement needed. It is suggested that for this particular situation, you switch up your masturbation techniques to fit the sex you are going to have, and most times in the same environment.


Behavioral Therapy


A usual way to tackle rapid ejaculation is through behavioral therapy. The squeeze technique, which involves a man bringing himself almost to the point of orgasm and then squeezing immediately below the penis head and pushing the blood back to prevent ejaculating. For some men, just ending the stimulation instead of squeezing is as effective. Once this sensation is over, sexual activity can continue.


 Partner Involvement


It does not matter the issue you are having with your stamina, you should ensure your partner is aware and even in your search for a solution. Most concerns that men have regarding their endurance during sexual activity are from worrying about an assumption that they are not satisfying their partner’s expectations but the truth is the only way to be entirely sure is when you straight up ask your partner. A lot of time, you find out that your assumption is not the case at all and that your partner has no issues with your endurance level.


 Depression and Stress



People with conditions of erectile dysfunction, need to be mindful of their mental wellbeing. If a person is going through depression or is stressed, it could significantly influence their sexual performance, whether or not all other conditions are met. This is a mental problem and not a physical problem therefore stimulant drugs will be of no use. In a situation where you are going through stress, depression, or any psychological disorders resulting in sexual difficulties, you should check with a doctor as a first step.

 Medical Intervention

In some men whose stamina problems are associated with erectile dysfunction and maybe early ejaculation, variances of medical treatments for those medical conditions are made available. These medical treatments include drug prescriptions and other advanced measures involving injection therapy or penile implants. For an early ejaculation condition, behavioral therapy is the primary approach.  Medical intervention is now the most widely acknowledged method of dealing with endurance and stamina issues.

Don’t neglect the foreplay

If you are looking forward to having a good time in bed, include foreplay activities at the beginning of your sexual activity to optimally enjoy passionate sex.

Make it regular

To prolong pleasure duration, a steady consistency of desire and passion should be maintained. Continue to practice over time. This strategy will enhance your skills as well as improve your sexual stamina relatively.


Physical exercise is important before sexual intercourse or any form of sexual activity to ensure you are energized till the end. This will help you to improve your flexibility as well as positively influence your sexual stamina as a whole.

Exercise your pelvic muscles

When looking to enhance and build your sexual stamina, you must exercise your pelvic muscles. These muscles are one of the most important ones while carrying out sexual intercourse, therefore they must be strong and active.


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