by David Johnson

It’s quite challenging to lose weight. Whether you desire to lose 10 or 50, it’s usually a daunting task that requires a stable diet and a lifestyle change.


Unlike what most people think, it’s not something that just happens out of the blues, it requires a lot of patience coupled with consistency in dieting and exercising.


Now if you want to go as fast as dropping off 20 pounds within a short period – say 4 weeks, it’s possible. This article will show you the best ways to shed pounds of flesh healthily.


Track calorie intake


No matter the diet you take or exercises you engage in, the key to weight loss lies in the number of calories you consume and the number of calories used up by your body for energy. The math is quite simple; if you consume more calories and burn less, you gain weight; so also, if you consume less and burn more, you lose weight. It is as simple as that.


Although, cutting down on calorie intake alone does not suffice in achieving weight loss, however, it’s one of the integral things to consider. Bulking down fast on fat entails a lot of drills from strict dieting to strenuous exercises. You can reduce calorie intake by swapping high-calorie food for low ones or by skipping high-calorie foods and low nutritional food in your diet.  Another way to cut back on calories is to reduce the food portion. While all these are important for weight loss, you can also track calorie intake by using a calorie counter.


Reduce carb consumption


man has no appetite

Decreasing carb intake is another strategy to quickly slim down. Refined carbs are a good source of high calories which when not used up by the body is storing up as lipids (fat cells), hence causing weight gain and increased body fat. These carbs also have a high glycemic index. This means that they can be easily absorbed by the body at a faster rate. This form is digestion engendered by a high glycemic index is also not in the best interest of the body as it can lead to decreased sugar levels and also induce a feeling of hunger.


Refined carbs are products of bad processing which leaves them with low nutritional value and as such, they pose more danger to the body than benefits especially as they are associated with increased belly fat and a high risk of diabetes. So, if you want to shed 20 pounds in a twinkle of an eye, reduce carb intake.


Lift weights


This form of strength training or resistance training exercises at high intensity can make you lose weight quickly. You have to burn excess calories in your body and one way you can achieve that is by subjecting yourself to the rigors of strenuous exercises. By hitting the gym and raising the bars, you are on your way to shedding 20 pounds in a jiffy.


Weight lifting also helps you to build strength and endurance levels. It can also increase the level of metabolism in the body, hence, speeding up the weight loss process.


Increase protein intake


Proteins are essential for building the body and repairing worn-out body tissue. Apart from this fundamental role, studies have shown that a high protein diet can help to reduce belly fat. It can also help the body to preserve muscle mass and metabolism during the process of weight loss.


Include food such as poultry, eggs, nuts, seafood, meat, and other foods that are high in protein in your diet, it will help you shed pounds in no time.


Keep your body hydrated


man hydrating

Increased water intake can also help you expedite the process of weight loss. Water is highly needed for metabolism and other processes in the body to take place without any form of a hitch. It’s the case that you need water to also burn calories. The more water is available for the process; the more calories are burnt by the body during metabolism.


Up your fiber intake


It is also of utmost importance to increase your intake of fiber. This will help you to improve your level of satiety such that your stomach becomes fuller for a longer time. By filling your stomach, and eliminating such desires for food at short intervals, fiber helps in the weight control process. The implication of this is that you can’t fall hungry easily hence, food intake is reduced only when hunger comes calling on you to fill your stomach with food.


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