How to Seduce A Woman: 9 Secrets Every Smart Guy Should Know

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
making love on the couch

According to a bunch of men, the brain is a woman’s biggest sex organ. This is because women respond positively to mental stimulation. Unlike men whose sexual triggers are more visual, women’s sexual excitement starts in their brains.

Grabbing your partner for a quick sex is seldom pleasurable because she needs more mental stimulation to be prepared for action. Quickies are only great when you’ve been exchanging horny messages for a while. That’s why it’s important that you stimulate her mind to avoid rejection or unpleasurable sex. Rejection isn’t fun at all, though there are times her reasons are valid, such as having her periods or being too physically exhausted from work. But rejection that comes from your inability to stimulate her could be devastating.

Before the next rejection comes, take a peek from the following secrets that smart guys willingly share to seduce your partner with the most subtlety:

1. Help her turn on her erotic engines

While most men focus on how to make their partner squirt, women have difficulty trying to get aroused. The big bang won’t happen when a woman’s erotic side isn’t awake. There should be a total awakening of her mind and body before she can give you the greatest sexual pleasure of your life. The big O will come effortlessly as soon as she’s sexually aroused. Arousal should come first in her mind before she can feel it in her body.

2. Plant seeds of arousal in her mind

Since arousal is one secret to a woman’s orgasm, you need to stimulate her mind continually. Don’t just do this when you’re having sex or are planning to have one. Plant the seeds when the opportunity arises. You can do this by sending funny sexy photos or texting dirty messages once in a while. Some women who have affairs reasoned out they feel stuck in the relationship. The passion and sexual desire simply go away. But if you manage to give time to spice things up, your relationship and sex life will always be in the best of shape.

3. Find things in common

enjoying a meal togetherFor people who are on the dating stage, researchers suggest connecting with the person as quickly as you can. Women unconsciously give importance to first impressions. A guy who shows confidence, connection, and chemistry is a great turn on. Any woman can’t get you out of her mind once you’ve established a common bond. It’s the depth of your connection that delights women and not the length of time you’ve known each other. Captivate her mind by seeking common grounds and before you knew it, she’s much interested in where the relationship is going as much as you do.

4. Show your affection

According to studies, women’s sexual and romantic desires are greatly aroused when you can show your affection in your unique way. Your partner will love you more when you introduce her to your friends or openly express how you admire her wits. Letting her into your circle of friends also shows what you have is not only a fling kind of thing but one that could last should you both want it that way.

5. Shower her compliments

Women love compliments not just to massage their ego but also to make them feel that you see them beyond their gorgeous looking body. Yet, try not to exaggerate things when you compliment your partner. Using weak physical praises will only make your words seem cheap. Saying how you love her curves will mean her packaging matters to you more than who she is within. Tell her more genuinely. Tell her how you want to spend the night with her because you love talking to her all night. These are mentally sexy words that stimulate her mind without her awareness.

6. Acknowledge her emotions

Try to connect with your partner on an emotional level. Women are wired to be more emotional than men. They can get emotional when their pet dies or they fight with their mother or friend. Showing you care is a way of emotionally connecting with your partner. Once she feels that you’re emotionally available for her, it will elicit a connection that goes beyond emotions and eventually into the bedroom.

7. Talk about sex

Ironically, people have difficulty talking about sex to the same person they’re having sex with. They’re more comfortable with the idea of doing it than in talking about it. But communication brings to light the things that you wish to happen in the bedroom. Simply telling your partner how you want her to kiss you or what part of your body you want to be touched can stimulate her imagination. This creates excitement on her part. Thinking about this for hours can escalate and makes her too impatient to wait for you to initiate for sex.

8. Show your manliness in social situations

A woman considers you manly when you’re able to show your protective instinct in social situations. By being protective means you’re able to guide her while you’re walking along the street or keep her safe behind you while you’re parting a crowd. You gently hold her lower back or her arm without trying to take advantage of the situation. Making her feel safe with you while considering her physical boundaries is sexually and mentally stimulating. You not only turn her on but also avoid the things that turn her off.

9. Give her random hugs and kisses

intense staresGive her a slow burn. Aiming for the target right away is a mood killer. Help her prepare mentally for the big bang by kissing her nape while she’s doing the dishes or giving her affectionate hugs upon arriving home. As small things pile up, you can expect them to be bigger later.

10. Help her visualize

Studies show that women’s sexual arousal is increased when they’re able to appreciate their bodies. You can help your partner appreciate herself and awaken her senses by bringing her in front of a full-length mirror. Start to caress each part of her body and tell her why you love it. Do it slowly to increase her excitement. Try not to hit the target quickly while you’re setting the mood. Anticipation creates more pleasure once you reach pleasure points.

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