Important Facts about Men and Sex

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

For a gender so obsessed with its practice, we men don’t know a lot about sex, do we?

This is not entirely our fault (though the internet has given us significantly less excuse for ignorance) since much of our society is scared half to death about properly educating men and women about sex in any form. Sex is taboo, they say, it’s gross and ugly, and learning about it will only turn you into a deviant. This is poppycock. The average man knows surprisingly little beyond surface ideas and base instincts when it comes to sex.

This article seeks to fix that. There are quite a few facts about sex that men don’t know about, and the most important of these have been helpfully listed below. So if you’re a man over 25, and you feel you definitely could stand to learn more about sex, here are some important facts that serve not only as education, but could very well improve your love life as a result of knowing them.

#1. The male has a G-spot

Women aren’t the only ones who have a G-spot, as men can get in on the fun as well. Similar to the female, the male body has a G-spot, located an inch or two inside the rectum, around the testicular area. This G-spot is about the size of a walnut, and like the female G-spot, allows the prostate gland to be touched through enough stimulation. Touching the prostate gland, as you can imagine, can result in an intense orgasm, but one that can be achieved without having to even touch the penis once. The proper term for this is “prostate massage”. So if you’re having trouble during sex where orgasms just don’t feel as good as you feel like they should, it may not be because you aren’t as into it as you think, but rather, you’re not stimulating your G-spot as much as you should.

#2. The average healthy penis is 5.57-inch long

man holding tape measure on crotch grows biggerAh, penis size, that most frustrating viewpoint of the male gender. For men, if the penis isn’t large enough, then they have somehow failed the entire gender. It’s a view based in our primal need to mate, our sociological views of masculinity, and our need to bring sexual pleasure to our partner. However, the majority of the time, you have nothing to worry about. The average length for the healthy adult male penis is about 5.57 inches long. It’s impossible to naturally grow your penis any longer, without the use of some kind of artificial stimulant, and if it’s an inch or two shorter, you should probably have it looked at to make sure nothing is actually wrong. But men, if your penis is around this size, there’s no need to worry, because you’re doing just fine.

#3. There needs to be a rest period between ejaculations

When you have an orgasm, ignore that exhausted feeling you have afterwards, as that is perfectly healthy. This is known as the refractory period, the time during which your brain completely loses the ability to so much as think about sex or sexual stimulation, to the point where you don’t even respond to sexual stimulation. The typical wait time is around 30 minutes to an hour, but this number can vary based on the subject’s physical health, lifestyle, or age. Obviously, older men are going to have a harder time getting back in the swing of things after orgasm than a much younger man. So when you orgasm, and you suddenly feel exhausted, that means you’re done.

#4. Ejaculation is inevitable

There’s this tendency among men to not want to orgasm when they feel it coming, to hold it in. Which is understandable, since you’re riding a high at that point, and the orgasm represents the end of that high, so you try to keep it going a bit longer. However, to make sure this is perfectly clear, ejaculation will happen. You’ve built up a lot of pressure in your groin, and your body knows better than to keep holding it in, so what happens is a phenomenon called “ejaculatory inevitability”.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: a reference to your body’s inevitable ejaculation after sufficient stimulation. You can only hold it in for so long. Most men reach orgasm after around 2 minutes of masturbation. If you feel ashamed because of this for some reason, take solace in that very, very few men have the high ground on you.

#5. Oral sex can make you bigger

woman happy with man's packageWhile #2 claimed that there’s no natural way to make the penis larger, that was referring to such in the permanent sense. In the temporary sense, such as during sex, oral sex has been shown to be an effective size enhancer. On average, more men get larger and thicker results from oral sex than from fantasizing or even masturbating. We’re not quite yet sure why, but it’s believed that oral sex is a natural size enhancer, that has no negative side effects on the body.

#6. There are two penis “types”

These types are known as “growers” and “showers”. On average, you’re much more likely to find more growers than showers, but they’re much more common than you may think. These two types are differentiated by how they become erect. A grower, for example, expands and gets longer, as is expected of the penis. If a grower penis was 5 inches, before stimulation, then it would be around seven to eight inches after. Then you have the shower, which paradoxically looks bigger when not erect. This is a type of penis that doesn’t have that much increase after erection. So if a shower penis is 5 inches, then it won’t get much bigger than 6 upon erection.

Sex is complicated, regardless of the gender you identify as. The stereotype is that women are the more complex organism when it comes to sex, but men are just as complicated, just in different ways. Luckily, knowing these tips is not only education, but knowing that you have a G-spot, what penis type you are, and that oral sex can increase your size, can make your love life better.

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