How Kicking the Booze with Boost your Sex Life

How Kicking the Booze with Boost your Sex Life

When you give up drinking, you tend to find it benefits your body in ways that you could never imagine. On the first hand, you find you lose weight, g

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When you give up drinking, you tend to find it benefits your body in ways that you could never imagine. On the first hand, you find you lose weight, gain energy, and sleep better. Equally, however, giving up the booze can work wonders for your sex life. In the beginning, you may find your social anxiety heightens as you have to grab the bull by the horns without a drop of dutch courage. Despite this, the long term sex effects of no alcohol are nothing to be sniffed at. If you’re thinking of giving the booze a break, think about this sexy bonuses and maybe it will get you started.

 1. Orgasms are stronger

preview-full-shutterstock_362977286Orgasms are just the feeling you get when your body’s muscles go from a tense state to a relaxed state. When you drink alcohol, your body becomes looser as your muscles relax. This means when you are climaxing during sex, you muscles do not tighten as much, which means orgasms are less intense. However, when you don’t have any alcohol in your body, the intensity heightens and you feel more intense waves of pleasure. Try enhancing these with a dose of a supplement like ‘Sexual Overdrive’, and you’ll be bathed in a cacophony of orgasmic pleasures.

 2. You last longer

Alcohol decreases your stamina. It stops you from being able to breathe so deeply while also tiring you out. This works over the long term as well as people who drink a lot, tend not to sleep so well. This makes your whole body tired. By giving up booze for a substantial period, you will start to feel your energy return, allowing you to go longer in the bedroom.

 3. Your standards go up

When you stop boozing, you stop doing the activities that come with that, like picking up the last girl in a bar who is sloppy enough to go home with you. Instead, you find that you become more articulated and refined, so your standards remain in check as you feel more confident going for the women with high prestige in your eyes.

 4. The intimacy increases

preview-full-shutterstock_136670735When you have drunk sex, you find that the intimacy levels appear to be melodramatic and exaggerated, but the true intimacy level is missing. To connect with your partner, you need to be present. Booze doesn’t just affect this connection when you are drunk, but heavy drinkers will find that alcohol affects mental clarity, which causes an emotional disconnection during sex. By cutting down on the alcohol, you stop yourself from silencing your brain, allowing the increase of oxytocin to enter the system, giving you those loving vibes.

 5. Erogenous zones become more prominent

Alcohol is a numbing agent. It numbs your emotions and it actually adds to numbing your physical body. When you stop drinking, your nerve endings start to re-engage, and you will find that your body is far more sensitive it had previously been. Suddenly, when she runs her fingers on the underside of your leg, or behind your ear, or across your Achille’s heel, you’ll start to feel tingles in places you never knew that you could before.

 Giving up drinking can do wonders for your sex life. Aside from boosting your energy and getting those sensitivities back, giving up booze will help you lose weight, making you more physically attractive. What’s more, you will find that your libido increases and you won’t find yourself having as many floppy moments as before! Beware, however, awkward moments are due as your inhibitions are in full swing without a beer to take the edge off.