Let Bananas Be Your Key to Greater Health

by maxfitnesshub

Your health relies upon many things and that includes what you eat. When you go shopping, think about the foods you put into your cart. You should have healthy foods. Yes, you can add in a treat for you every now and again but most of your cart should be filled with foods that are good for you. One of the foods you should get each time you go shopping are bananas. These are tasty and full of surprising benefits for your health. If you get tired of just eating the bananas as a quick snack, look up some tasty dishes you can make with the bananas. Bananas can be your go-to breakfast or snack because they are so quick to eat. Now, let’s get on with the many other ways that bananas are the key to greater health.

Top Superfood

preview-full-Banana-Nutrition-750x350You may have read lists of superfoods that you should be eating. If you have been reading those types of lists, you know that bananas are on just about every one of them. You have probably heard that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Think of it as a banana or two a day will keep the doctor away instead.

Vitamins and Nutrients

There are loads of nutrients and vitamins in bananas. They have five times more iron and Vitamin A than an apple. There is also about three times more of the phosphorus in them than an apple. In addition, bananas are loaded with natural sugar, fiber and potassium too. If you are going to aim for greater health, let bananas be your key to doing that. With the fiber in a banana, you will also have better control over your blood glucose numbers.

Benefit Your Heart

preview-full-bunch-of-bananas1-480x320When you choose the foods to put into your shopping cart, you need to think about your overall health but you need to think about specific areas of your health as well. Men do need to make sure they eat to protect their heart. When you eat more bananas, you are able to do that. The potassium in the bananas improves the circulation in your body and gets oxygen moving throughout your body better as well. When these things happen, you will have a healthier heartbeat, better blood pressure and a reduced risk of having a stroke.


If you want to enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life, bananas are your key to doing that. Bananas have some tryptophan in them. This is a type of amino acid that when mixed with the Vitamin B6 in the banana help to stimulate more serotonin production in your body. This is the natural feel great hormone your body makes. It will get you smiling much more often.

Inflammatory Reduction

Research has also shown that if you have any type of inflammatory conditions one of the things you need to take in more is the Vitamin B6. Luckily for you, bananas have a ton of Vitamin B6. If you are suffering pain from the inflammatory condition, eating a banana can help to lessen the amount of inflammation you have and help you have reduced pain as well.

Knowing what you know about all the foods out there, you know that you need to eat more fruits and vegetables. You know that you can’t feel great or have greater overall health if you eat a bunch of junk food. From now on, when you go grocery shopping, you need to put time into thinking about what you will put into the cart. It is up to you to choose whether the food you eat is going to improve your health or make it worse. If you start eating more bananas, you will have greater overall health, especially if you choose to eat at least one or two bananas every day.

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