Libido Cuisine to Increase Your Lady’s Sex Drive

by maxfitnesshub

So, you are taking your lady out on a date and you really want to get her fired up and ready for the dessert you have on your mind, why not start preparing her at the dinner table? If you really want to get her going and ready to dish out the sex treats, try boosting her libido with a few dishes that get her body ready for sex. Just like men, there are certain foods that give women an extra boost to their sex drive, getting that blood pumping and ready for the bedroom. Like giving your car that extra special oil, by feeding women a couple of the following delectable items, they will be purring in your hands in no time, ready to take you on a wild ride.
1. Salmon
preview-full-shutterstock_184690850It’s not just the lovely pink sheen on salmon that really makes it a food for the ladies, but equally the omega-3 fatty acids get that blood pumping. Not only does omega-3 stimulate the brain and keep her on top form, it boosts blood flow to the genital region. Salmon also raises dopamine levels, which puts her in that feel-good mood and ready for what’s to come.
2. Dark Chocolate
We all know that women love chocolate but do you really know why? Dark chocolate is full of magnesium which relaxes the body as well as helping toward muscle functioning. Moreover, dark chocolate is rich phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins in a woman as having sex does. So, to her, eating that delicious dessert will get her on the right plane for what you have to offer after. Why not melt it down and include it in your after-dinner surprise to add a little messy fun to the platter of delights you have in store.
3. Spinach
Spinach is already known to be just wonderful for the body, but its high level of magnesium reduces inflammation in the blood vessels, helping to get that blood flowing. Increasing blood flow drives blood straight to the extremities, and with a little extra teasing from you, it’s heading straight to below her belt. While helping women to orgasm, spinach will also help you to get a bigger, harder erection.
4. Pesto
Take her out for Italian and recommend that delicious Pesto dish and watch her go wild. Pesto is made from pine nuts, which are extremely high in zinc. Studies have shown that zinc helps to improve women’s sex drive. High levels of zinc are the reason that oysters are considered and aphrodisiac as well!
5. Red Wine
preview-full-shutterstock_92863384We all know alcohol gets the night going a little smoother, but studies show that women who drink 1-2 glasses of red wine have a higher sex drive (any more can kill the night before it has even begun so be careful!). This is due to the high anti-oxidant levels in red wine which stimulate nitric oxide production. Just with men’s supplements such as Xtreme Testosterone, stimulating the production of nitric oxide increases blood flow around the body, giving the muscles more energy for late night excitement, while sending blood to the genitals.
They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the same can be true for the ladies. Wining and dining her in the right way can lead to you ending the night with a little extra luckiness. So consider where you take her for dinner, or even better cook at home and combine all the ingredients into Grilled Pesto Salmon, with a chocolate dessert and a little tipple of red wine!

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