Background Determining the best male enhancement supplement from the thousands that are released annually can be a daunting task, and is the reason why we assembled our staff to review MaleGenix. We use male enhancement supplements ourselves, and do our best to try all of the newest and most popular…

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Determining the best male enhancement supplement from the thousands that are released annually can be a daunting task, and is the reason why we assembled our staff to review MaleGenix. We use male enhancement supplements ourselves, and do our best to try all of the newest and most popular male enhancement supplements to hit the market.
The male enhancement industry is full of products that don’t work and those that do, however determining this difference is a lot easier said than done. Not only does one need to consider the ingredients being used, but at what concentration, and along with what other drugs? These factors all greatly influence each other, and a slight modification here can mean the difference between a product that is extremely effective, and one that doesn’t work.
There are only a select few male enhancement supplements that are even worth mentioning, another reason why we are here to help the consumer make the most informed decision, and to help them separate the products that work from those that don’t.
It has been a long time since we’ve come across a product that really deviated itself from the rest of the competition, but MaleGenix is certainly a trailblazer. In all of our experience in reviewing male enhancement supplements, we have never come across one like MaleGenix. This is because MaleGenix is able to deliver on all fronts-it is an extremely effective enhancement supplement, one that is affordable, and one that is safe to use.
We have seen so many products which claim to increase penis size, increase libido, increase stamina all while doing so with minimal side effects, and at an affordable price. Thankfully after months of painstaking clinical testing, the makers of MaleGenix supplements are able to provide all of these benefits to their users in one potent and convenient pill.

What Separates MaleGenix from the Competition?

Malegenix Male Supplements Box and BottleBefore we explain our in-depth analysis of the exact science behind how MaleGenix works, we have to note the clinical ability of MaleGenix’s Site-Specific Technology. This technology was developed through vigorous laboratory tests, clinical trials and extensive research. It is pretty evident that MaleGenix isn’t your average run of the mill male enhancement pill, as its creators invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to do so.
The Site-Specific Technology utilized in MaleGenix is what allows MaleGenix’s ingredients to work to their maximum ability in the most efficient manner, providing the user with immediate results which last consistently over a long period of time. Each ingredient was specifically chosen to amplify the abilities of other components found within MaleGenix pills, greatly enhancing their effects.

How Does MaleGenix Work?

MaleGenix is able to best harness the ability of its ingredients by working in a step-by-step process to provide the user with the immediate results they’re looking for, and to continue doing so over time. The MaleGenix male enhancement supplements work in 5 steps, which progressively leads to best results.

Incredibly enhanced libido
Much greater semen volume
Outstanding energy levels

Stage 1:

MaleGenix utilizes the ability of fast acting aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors which are absorbed and synthesized by the body in under 30 minutes. This is done in an effort to enhance the users levels of libido, as well as the intensity and hardness of erections.

Stage 2:

This stage involves the delayed release of aphrodisiacs and keep PDE-5 inhibitors active, which allows the body to be ready for sex 24 hours a day, all around the clock. These ingredients allow for the vasodilation of blood vessels if found within the penis, which sets the foundation for continued and permanent penis enlargement.

Stage 3:

When a user experiences an erection, the delayed released PDE-5 inhibitors amplify the effects of the vasodilators, which maximizes the amount of blood flow to the corpus cavernosum. This is otherwise refer to as the two main chambers of the penis, which consist of smooth muscle tissue.

Stage 4:

A continuous supply of increase blood flow to these two tissues is going to promote a permanent expansion of this penile tissue, which in turn will lead to permanent increase in size.

Stage 5:

The hormonal stabilizing ingredients allow the body to recover faster in between orgasms, otherwise known as a reduction in the refractory period. This further promotes and prolongs the penis enlarging effects of the formula, and allows for consistent increases in size over time.

Is MaleGenix Safe to Use?

Bottles of Malegenix Male Enhancement PillsMaleGenix is arguably the best male enhancement supplements on the market, as not only is it extremely effective in providing the user with everything it promises, but is also extremely safe to use. This is because the makers of MaleGenix put the product through strenuous quality control and testing, to ensure that the product wouldn’t negatively impact the users health.
MaleGenix contains aphrodisiacs, vasodilators, and other ingredients which are going to maximize a male’s sexual performance. Many of these ingredients, vasodilators in particular, can cause adverse health effects especially if the individual is taking other types of medication.
This can cause unsafe changes in blood pressure, which can be a specially problematic for those of us who suffer from heart disease or some other type of cardiovascular disorder. This is another benefit to taking MaleGenix, as it doesn’t impact our health as is the case with many other similar products out there.

What Ingredients Does MaleGenix Use?

The ingredients used in MaleGenix supplements were specifically chosen for their complementary abilities to work together, and in turn amplifying each other’s effects. Some ingredients work as an aphrodisiacs, some as PDE-5 inhibitors, and others to stimulate penis growth. Here are the ingredients which you can find in MaleGenix.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is an ingredient which makes MaleGenix extremely effective. It provides the body with a delayed release aphrodisiac, allowing the user to have sex on demand, at their choosing. Tongkat Ali also is in an erectile boosting aide in that it is also a PDE-5 inhibitor and Ca2+ inhibitor, further enhancing its vasodilative abilities to provide the user with bigger and harder erections.


L-Arginine is the component of MaleGenix which starts the process of vasodilation in the cavernous spaces within the penis. This causes and increased volume of blood to fill this area of the penis, which increases blood pressure and forces these tissues to expand, allowing the penis to become a thicker and larger in appearance.
This important amino acid synergizes well with the other PDE-5 inhibitors found within MaleGenix, which allows for the permanent penis enhancing effects provided by MaleGenix.

Horny Goat Weed

This potent herb provides a dual benefit to the user, as it boosts levels of free testosterone found within the system, as well as being a PDE-5 inhibitor. These characteristics essentially makes Horny Goat Weed a jack of all trades, as it synergizes well with virtually every other ingredient found within MaleGenix.

Maca Root

This root allows MaleGenix to properly stabilize our hormones, which in turn allows this extremely powerful male enhancement supplement to provide consistent results over long spans of time. Maca root is the ingredient which is going to give the user a greater control over the duration and intensity of his erection.

Muira Puama

This is the aphrodisiac component of MaleGenix’s Site-Specific Technology, which is an immediate acting erectile boosting agent. The penis enlarging effects of MaleGenix depend greatly on the frequency, intensity and length of the user’s erections, which Muira Puama helps to provide.


This potent herb is a secondary aphrodisiac which works in tandem with Muira Puama to enhance its fast-acting ability. Incorporating this herb into the formula greatly amplifies the erectile enhancement capabilities of MaleGenix.

Tribulus Terrestris

This aphrodisiac is used as part of delayed release formula which is designed to provide the user with not only the most intense and biggest erections possible, but on a consistent basis over a long period of time. This is the component of MaleGenix which allows it to consistently deliver maximum results for the user.
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
This is a fast-acting PDE-5 inhibitor which allows the user to experience almost immediate erections, in just 30 minutes after consuming supplement. This ingredient is another that works in synergy with the other vasodilators found within MaleGenix.


MaleGenix pills have proven to be one of if not the best penis enhancement formulations that we have ever come across. This is because it delivers on all fronts, as it increases penis size, increases libido, increases stamina, all while doing so in a safe manner.
Our review and opinion coincides with that of your average MaleGenix user, as the feedback that the makers of MaleGenix have received has been overwhelmingly positive.
It really is no surprise when you take a look at just how effective MaleGenix male enhancement supplements are along with its affordable price point, and that it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. When one takes all of these things into consideration and compares MaleGenix to other similar male enhancement products in the same market, they simply cannot compete. MaleGenix is a product that you have to buy if you’re even considering on trying a male enhancement supplement. It is by far and away best male enhancement pill currently on market.