Mistakes You Make During Sex That You Can Fix

by maxfitnesshub

Learning about sex for the first time may have been difficult for you or maybe it wasn’t. However, there are many men in both categories that make mistakes during sex. There are certain mistakes you may be making during sex that you can fix. Even if you have been making the mistakes for years, you can still fix them and show your woman what she has been missing. It might take some trials and errors to fix some of the mistakes but you will get there. Listen to your woman more to start. She may describe a fantasy that you had previously missed that she wants during sex.

painkiller11Thinking You Know it All

No man knows everything when it comes to their partner. If you think you know it all when thinking about pleasing your lady, you may want to think again. You may have known what worked for your ex but that doesn’t mean you know what is going to please the next woman you are sexual with. Not every woman has the same sexual fantasies. If you are having sex for the first time with someone, don’t think you know what will get them to an orgasm quickly. You don’t want her faking it and never coming back for more. Try to ask her casually what she wants. You could also pay attention to her expressions and sounds to figure out what she really likes.

Ignoring the Talk About Fantasies

You have your own fantasies and so does your lady friend. If you are having sex for the first time with someone make sure that you are have a conversation or two about the fantasies that you both have. The worst thing you could do is to try to bring one of your fantasies into the sexual experience and she is completely turned off by it. If you discuss this ahead of time, you both will know what to expect and what each of you enjoy.

sex-with-your-ex-a-mistakeJumping Into Sex

Alright, so yes there are times when you may want to have a one-night stand and sometimes that is going to be alright. However, you need to know when you should be having sex with someone. You may get aroused at any time and quickly. However, many women do need the mood to be right in order to agree to have sex with you. You should take her cues and figure out if it is the right time for her. She more than likely won’t just say it but you can watch her moods and figure it out.

Sex isn’t Always the Same

If you think that just because you gave her an orgasm once that it will happen every time with the same moves, you have another thing coming to you. Sex isn’t always going to be the same. You can’t always expect to do the same position and please her. Sometimes you will find that she needs something different than the last time. She may need you to take things a bit slower and pay attention to a certain part of her body. She may want to have a quickie. Really, you just need to watch her cues and figure this out.

These are some of the mistakes you may make during sex but you can fix them.

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