All You Need to Know About Ezekiel Bread

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
sliced loaf of ezekiel bread

Ezekiel bread is no longer a food staple that you can only find in niche health food stores. Due to its surge in popularity you can find this type of bread in virtually any super market anywhere you go, but how does this bread differ from the stuff we’re used to?

This type of bread is much more nutritious and contains less preservatives than your typical loaf of bread. This is because of the types of grains they used in the bread and the soaking methods they use in its preparation, which means more protein, more minerals, more vitamins, and more soluble fiber.

This bread is all about going back to the traditional ways in which bread was made, which has shown to better our health in a number of ways. Humans have domesticated plants for tens of thousands of years, yet we have only recently been plagued with so many types of digestive problems related to our diet.

Why is Ezekiel Bread Healthy?

sliced loaf of ezekiel bread with wheatWhen it comes to bread, more often than not it isn’t the healthiest food choice we can make. This is even true for foods like whole wheat bread which are considered to be healthier than regular white bread, but still don’t provide a significant amount of nutrition.

Ezekiel bread on the other hand is healthier than these types of breads because of the types of grains it has, and the way in which they are prepared. Whole wheat bread or white bread are only made from wheat, where Ezekiel bread is made from a number of grains. This includes wheat, rye, barely, millet, lentils, and soybeans.

These ingredient are also soaked as well, to encourage sprouting. Grains which go through this process prior to being baked have been shown to have a greater concentration of nutrients, which makes Ezekiel bread that much more nutritious than ones made only from unsprouted wheat.

The grains which don’t go through the sprouting process contain compounds known as anti-nutrients, ones which inhibit the absorption of the nutrients which we need. This process also encourages the increased activity of enzymes, which improves the quality of the digestion and absorption process.

How Does Ezekiel Bread Compare Nutritionally to Other Breads?

A huge benefit that Ezekiel bread has over virtually every other bread out there is that it is a full protein. This is thanks to the wide variety of grains which it contains, meaning that it has a complete amino acid profile.

For this reason, Ezekiel bread can be a go-to option not only for vegans or vegetarians looking for a healthy option, but anyone who is looking to eat healthy. Ezekiel bread contains both the 9 essential amino acids and another 9 non-essential ones, providing the body with plenty of building-block material.

sliced ezekiel bread

The high fiber content of Ezekiel bread is extremely beneficial as well, as it both helps to keep us full and keeps us regular. This food is also a great option to help those who are dealing with digestive problems.

The key here is to remember that a large part of the nutritional value we see in Ezekiel bread is not only due to its ingredients, but the way in which they are prepared. Sprouting the grains is well worth the effort here if you are considering on making this bread, or already do so on your own.

Sprouting the bread not only reduces the occurrence of antinutrients, but the process also increases the concentration of nutrients within these grains as well. This means that the nutritional benefits you will see from eating this bread expands passed what you see listed on the label.

I’m a Guy, Should I Be Worried About the Soy in Ezekiel Bread?

No, despite the common myth that eating soy based foods will make you effeminate, this isn’t the case. Many people have fallen victim to this myth because of phytoestrogens which is the plant version of estrogen, so they think that eating these foods will cause them to lose muscle mass and become less manly.

This is not the case at all, as there have been no studies that show a link between eating soybeans and a drop in testosterone. This is also true for other sexually realted issues such as a decrease in sperm count, semen volume, erectile dysfunction, or any other health issue related to sex. Avoid soybeans if you wish, but you are going to be missing out on some of the most healthy and nutritious foods out there by doing so.

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