A Product Review of RigiDerm

by maxfitnesshub

RigiDerm Overview

RigiDerm is a male enhancement supplement that promises to improve a man’s sexual functions and overall performance. This is said to be achieved through the use of promising ingredients.

Finding customer reviews about RigiDerm, we didn’t find many. Just a few positive feedbacks posted on the official site, the rest of the comments we found weren’t very optimistic. Also, even though the company promises a 100% refund policy, some users said they were not able to get any refund.

Also, though the components are fully listed, their specific quantities aren’t. This makes this tougher to determine their potency. It’s also hard to go around the fact that the number of negative feedbacks outweighs the positive ones. Of course, when choosing what brand to go for, it is really helpful when there are customer feedbacks that customers can rely to.

Topical male enhancement cream

On its official site, the product is depicted as something that’s an immediate solution for achieving an erection. This is said to be faster when compared to the pill form where you have to wait for about an hour to experience its effects.

RigiDerm is said to be composed of 100% natural components and these components are recorded on its product site.

This particular supplement is being advertised to give you harder and firmer erections within seconds after applying the cream into your sexual organ.

What are the Components?

As mentioned, the components used in the formulation of RigiDerm are recorded on the site. These are as follows:

preview-full-shutterstock_340764065Maca Root – controls the manufacturing of testosterone, a hormone crucial for increasing sexual functions.
PygeumAfricanum – enhances sexual functions by fortifying the prostate.
Horny Goat Weed – this ingredient is utilized as an aphrodisiac.
Oat Straw – fortifies the nervous system and boosts one’s libido.
Catuaba – aids in terms of balance as it also soothes the central nervous system. As a result, anxiety and stress are lessened.
Oriental Ginseng – invigorates the physical and mental balance of the body, as well as helps in the manufacturing of nitric oxide. This also helps to boost endurance.
L-Arginine – this is an amino acid that aids in the manufacturing of nitric oxide. This functions as both neurotransmitter and vasodilator, resulting to firmer boners.
Stinging Nettle – boosts the free testosterone in the body, significantly boosting one’s sex drive.

Additional Components

Aside from the main components mentioned above, there are additional components found in RigiDerm’s formulation that make it work, as claimed by its company. The additional ingredients are as follows:

Cayenne – it is basically a natural herb that supports better blood flow.
MuiraPuama – it is a potent aphrodisiac and component that rouses nerves.
Oyster Extract – it contains natural aphrodisiac qualities, filled with zinc which makes it high in testosterone, too.
Similax Officinalis – it gives users higher energy levels and stamina.
Astragalus – rouses one’s immunity and boosts levels of energy.
Licorice – boosts libido in both men and women.
Pumpkin Seed Extract – facilitates prostate and urinary wellness.

Apparently, there are multitudes of components in RigiDerm’s formulation, making it seem like it would really generate significant benefits.

What Users have to Say?

preview-full-oral-sex-1As mentioned, we only found two positive feedbacks discussing RigiDerm and these are found on its official site. Outside the product website, most reviews from users are not very optimistic. There was also one consumer who said that he’s purchased RigiDerm and is still waiting for it to arrive.

Also, there was one customer feedback saying that using RigiDerm gave sensation of burns that’s why he asked for the money-back guarantee, but did not receive any refund. Some bought the supplement where their checks were cashed, but no RigiDerm came.

As for the official site, its appearance is a bit graphic in its usage of language. So, it appears to be a bit unethical. Though it claims to have undergone clinical tests to prove RigiDerm’s effectiveness, there aren’t any details about said tests. Also, even if there’s an ingredient profile, it’s not specified how much each of the components is contained.

What are the Product Features?

RigiDerm contains natural components, making it safe and effective at the same time.
There are consumer feedbacks on the site.
There’s a money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

A single container of RigiDerm, which has 2 oz, has a price of $39.90, with an additional S&H charges.

• 2 Jars – $69.90
• 3 Jars – $99.80
• 4 Jars – $119.70

Based on the information on the site, you can return the supplement if you’re not completely happy with the product’s performance. This is allowed as long as you do so within 60 days in order to get a complete refund, less S&H costs.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Though there are good customer feedbacks on the product’s official site, there are also many online that aren’t so optimistic. Also, even though RigiDerm’s manufacturer says a 60-day money-back guarantee is provided, some customers said they were not able to get any refunds. From these testimonies alone, we’re not sure how well RigiDerm can really perform in terms of effectiveness of the product itself and the company’s offerings. There’s an issue with the components because although they are listed, the amounts of every ingredient are not included, making it a challenge to determine its potency.

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