Progentra Review – Is The Product Safe and Does it Work?


Progentra shows us how pills within the industry should work, in our Progentra review

MAX FITNESS HUB strives to provide the most exclusive and in-depth insights into the supplement industry and now we can look at  a new male enhancement pill which seems to be taking the online market by storm, ‘Progentra.’


Throughout our time looking at many different products of this kind, we have made sure that we set out to  extract the facts from the fiction. It appears that there is always one  ever-present question: Could penis enlargement really be possible from the use of a male enhancement product? When trustworthy online websites are going out of their way to imply that this is a process which is not possible, it does not leave much hope. There are experts who say that the size of the penis is down to a mixture of factors which could not be influenced by the use of any supplement. To an extent, these claims are true, but then we have found that despite  penis enlargement being an unlikely occurrence, there has been patented ingredients sought out by those who study supplements hoping to find the perfect blend which can make this process a reality.

After having looked at Progentra recently which is a male enhancement supplement that happens to be quickly blowing up the online market due to the positive results which were gained during its testing program. Within the last six months there has been a conclusion and the final phase of testing where extensive research and development proved that Progentra is a product well worth checking out. A number of select individuals who were given samples of Progentra were the subjects used to explore whether or not the controlled double-blind testing might provoke the same results in future customers. What was found was very impressive! Close to 95% positive feedback as well as dozens of people who expressed satisfaction and gratitude from participating in the Progentra trial for a whole month!


Several benefits can be listed from the use of Progentra starting with the fact that this product goes a lot further than just working on the enhancement of the libido and boosting sexual endurance. This particular formula begins by considering the science behind the process to achieve significant penis size increase and ensuring proper orgasm control.  It even increased the  secretion of pheromones and gets into action just 30 minutes from taking the first dose! An increase to the size of the penis will be observed as fast as two weeks of continual daily use. Lastly, those who are sure to use the pill consistently receive the longer term advantages such as both penis enlargement and orgasm control.



This is a formula that differs from other male enhancements which tend to simply concentrate on the production of obvious observable perks by using aphrodisiacs to increase a user’s libido, Ingredients involved with Progentra are classified in three individual categories: Vasodilators, Testosterone Boosters and Sexual Endurance Ingredients.

The first, improve the blood flowing directly to the penis.

The next, increase both the libido and the release of pheromones.

The last, ensure that a higher stamina is reached during sexual intercourse / activities.

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Look at Progentra and comparing against other male enhancement pills, this new formula certainly seems revolutionary, simple because the manufacturers did not just use random substances. Instead the ingredients were carefully thought out to work perfectly together and measured to guarantee  to achieve peak performance. Every component was chosen to be in proportion with the effects of all elements as to make an ample concentration to reach the best effectiveness secure, without having to mix with dangerous prescription medicines. Sadly, the reality is that there are many other male enhancement supplements that do do this.

Progentra, works just minutes from consuming the first dos. It has fast-acting ingredients that trigger the escalation in free testosterone levels and this is what causes a skyrocketing increase to the sex drive. When the libido increased in this manner, erectile dysfunction and the common causes of this terrible inconvenience, are eradicated. This is a very smart feature for Progentra, especially when considering the fact that, in all fairness, the majority of men only consider in taking such pills and treatment just minutes prior to engaging in sexual activities. More than anything, Progentra’s use of fast-acting ingredients means that it this is a formula which works for hours to ensure the proper  delivery of all of the above said changes within the body.


Length and girth of the penis increases in size – up to an extra 5 inches!

Incredibly enhanced libido
Much greater semen volume
Outstanding energy levels


Penis size increase in length of up to an extra inch
Enhanced sex drive
Higher semen volume
Improved energy levels


Progentra is a formula that creates a gradual increase in the volume of blood that flows directly to the penis

Progentra is a formula that creates a gradual increase in the volume of blood flows directly to the penis thanks to the aphrodisiacs that work to direct the blood flow into this specific direction. Then you have the vasodilators which work on the widening of the blood vessels as to heighten all of the effects of these aphrodisiacs.When this happens, more blood is allowed to flow to the penis which potentiates erections. On top of this, the aphrodisiacs also make it possible for erections to occur more often and it is the frequency that, in fact, plays the critical role of spurring the penis enlargement process. When the penile chambers Accommodate a larger volume of blood, it  means that the penis has to adapt by expanding. Recurring expansion is the process that causes the eventual significant and permanent increase in size of both the length and girth of the penis.


Just when you think it stops there, Progentra has more in the bag! This special and unique combination of ingredients even makes it possible for men to gain better control over their orgasms! The hormone balancing ingredients within the formula inhibit neurotransmitters as these are what would usually prevent a man from being able to withstand from sexual climax.

Then there is more! Progentra as a potent testosterone booster,  also makes a man much more biologically-attractive to the opposite sex! Accomplishing attraction is generated by the release of pheromones, in other words, the natural chemical signals that are picked up by the sense of smell of a woman and then indicate whether or not you are instinctively a potential biological match.  Although this sounds very primitive, it is, in fact pheromones which make us drawn to one another (and, of course grooming oneself!)



As a semi-essential amino acid. L-Arginine is the ingredient which promotes natural release of nitric oxide within the system and triggers a contraction of the smooth muscles within the arteries. The main impact of this is that more blood flows through the vessels. When L-Arginine is primarily used for bodybuilding supplements, this is to stabilize muscle growth, but the role within Progentra the focus is on the growth of the penis. This substance is found in a much higher concentration within Progentra and easily promotes penis enlargement due to being in  conjunction with potent aphrodisiacs.


Dubbed as the Asian Viagra, Tongkat Ali is a worldwide renowned male enhancement substances and is as one of the most effective pro-erectile ingredients that fulfils three important roles of the Progentra formula.

  1. Boosting Testosterone: This component greatly increases libido and thus potentiates erections and their frequency.
  2. Blocking Free Calcium: It helps to prevent flaccidity of the penis when engaging in sexual intercourse / activities.
  3. Increasing Blood Volume: When combined with potent vasodilators such as LArginine, pressure to the penile chambers is increased.

All of these points are what make the process of expansion possible.


Bodybuilding supplements regularly use tribulus terrestris for boosting testosterone which is great for muscle building purposes., Within Progentra, there is a higher concentrated form of this substance and so it stacks with the rest of the testosterone boosters to generate a much more intense libido and inflict the release of pheromones.

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This is the key fast-acting ingredient of Progentra and is also a potent testosterone booster. It is easily absorbed within the body and the effects can be noticed rapidly after the initial dose of Progentra. Just 30 minutes is all it takes for a user to experience a spike to their sex drive. As well as working fast, Muira Puama refrains from wearing off easily. While other ingredients become gradually absorbed, Muira Puama creates a much more forceful effect by stacking with them.


Experts say that this is the ultimate sexual enhancement supplement ingredient and it can even be used by both sexes. Maca Root is a hormone balancer, that works to prolong the effects of heightened testosterone levels. It is especially useful for men attempting to control their orgasms as it inhibits the neurotransmitters that would prevent a man from feeling aroused quickly after experiencing an orgasm.


We have never seen a product quite like Progentra, even though we are men’s health experts who have seen lots of good and mediocre products on the market. Progentra certainly has one of the most comprehensive formulas that would meet all sexual health needs of men – from attraction to sexual performance. All aspects have been carefully considered and the pill is well designed. This is the handiwork of those who have studied every need a man may have! There is no lack of confidence as a newcomer, Progentra shines in the industry and so competitors will need to step up their game.