Randy Beef Grass Does Really Make You Randy

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

            Randy beef grass, also known as yin yang huo, barrenwort, or horny goat weed, does have libido-boosting properties. Belonging to the Epimedium species, randy beef grass has been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries to treat men’s sexual ailments.

            In ancient China, horny goat weed was used to enhance the yang energy of the kidney which correlates with improvements in fertility and sexual function. And modern medicine has uncovered the evidence supporting this traditional use of yin yang huo. Find out how randy beef grass can improve your libido and sexual performance.

Randy Beef Grass and Your Sexual Health

            To better understand why randy beef grass or horny goat weed is good for men’s sexual health, let’s first go over how erections happen. Sexual stimulation causes your penile nerves to release nitric oxide which then triggers the relaxation of your penile smooth muscles through the actions of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).

            Relaxation of your penile smooth muscles allows blood to flow into your corpora cavernosa, which are sponge-like regions that trap the blood inside your penis. When your corpora cavernosa are fully filled with blood, your penis then becomes hard.

            Certain structures inside your penis contract so that the trapped blood is prevented from leaking out of your penile veins. Otherwise, you’ll lose your erection and quickly become flaccid.

            When there’s not enough cGMP or when cGMP is quickly broken down, then it means your penile smooth muscles won’t stay relaxed long enough to get your penis filled with blood. Phosphodiesterase type 5 is a compound that acts on cGMP and breaks it down, hence interfering with your erection.

Randy Beef Grass Does Really Make You Randy            Horny goat weed contains icariin which is a flavonol glycoside compound that is obtained from the plant’s aerial parts. The good news is that icariin is able to inhibit the activities of phosphodiesterase type 5.

            This means that when you’re sexually stimulated, your body can continuously produce nitric oxide and cGMP and icariin will be able to stop phosphodiesterase type 5 from breaking down cGMP. In short, icariin can enable you to achieve a firm erection. Icariin’s mode of action is actually quite similar to how erectile dysfunction medicines such as sildenafil work.

            However, inhibiting the activities of phosphodiesterase type 5 isn’t the only means by which icariin promotes erections. Icariin has also been found to enhance the production of nitric oxide by your endothelial cells.

            Moreover, icariin helps to increase intracavernous pressure. This is the pressure inside your corpora cavernosa which enables your blood-filled penis to stand erect. When the intracavernous pressure is not enough, your penis won’t become erect. A sufficient intracavernous pressure is also needed to keep blood trapped inside your corpora cavernosa.

            What’s even more impressive about icariin is that it has been found to restore erectile function in rats with induced erectile dysfunction.

            Even though the erectile function of the rats was impaired by castration, arterial damage, and penile neuron damage, treatment with icariin helped reduce the damage. This effect is usually not seen in commercially available PDE5 inhibitors.

            On top of its erectogenic properties, icariin also has testosterone-mimetic properties. This means that icariin can imitate the actions of testosterone. This is another reason why icariin-containing horny goat weed is considered effective in managing male sexual problems.

Other Benefits of Randy Beef Grass

            Aside from improving your testosterone levels, increasing your libido, and enabling you to achieve penile tumescence, icariin derived from horny goat weed or randy beef grass has also been found to have cardioprotective properties.

            In traditional Chinese medicine, horny goat weed is used to treat cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, and osteoporosis. The use of horny goat weed for the treatment of coronary heart disease actually has a scientific basis.

            The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and lipid-modulatory properties of icariin are responsible for horny goat weed’s protective effects on cardiovascular health. Icariin helps prevent atherosclerosis by protecting against endothelial dysfunction and blood platelet activation.

            In addition, the antioxidant effects of icariin are also helpful in preventing DNA damage in your red blood cells. Moreover, icariin can also help lower your blood pressure. However, before you take horny goat weed or icariin supplements, you should discuss it with your doctor first, especially if you’re taking medicines for hypertension.

            Other cellular research on the benefits of icariin indicate that this amazing compound derived from horny goat weed can actually help prevent osteoporosis and restore bone density. Icariin has also been found to help treat osteoarthritis, joint pains, and bronchitis.

            It may also help sharpen your memory as well as give you an energy boost. Aside from increasing your energy, icariin may also help you fight against mental and physical fatigue.

            Moreover, initial research indicates that icariin may also have anti-cancer properties. Icariin has been tested against several types of cancer cells. Although there’s still further research needed, initial results indicate that icariin and its derivatives may benefit patients with stomach, lungs, kidney, breast, or prostate cancer.

Boosting Your Libido and Erectile Function

Randy Beef Grass Does Really Make You Randy            If you’re thinking of taking horny goat weed supplements to boost your libido, you should try an all-natural male sex enhancement supplement, which contains horny goat weed and several other herbal ingredients that are also proven effective in treating male sexual ailments.

            Aside from horny goat weed, it also contains Tongkat Ali or pasak bumi. Scientifically named Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat Ali is another amazing herb that has diverse health benefits. On top of being a potent remedy for erectile dysfunction, Tongkat Ali is also an excellent testosterone booster.

            In fact, due to the testosterone-boosting properties of Tongkat Ali, it’s often used not only for treating erectile and fertility problems but also as a supplement for improving athletic performance. Moreover, Tongkat Ali also has energy-boosting properties so it’s really beneficial for highly active people.

            Natural male enhancement supplement also contains Tribulus terrestris, another pro-erectile herb that also has numerous health benefits. That’s because Tribulus terrestris contains strong antioxidants which are responsible for the pro-fertility and erection boosting effects of Tribulus terrestris.

            Butea superba, maca, damiana, muira puama, and L-arginine are also included in the unique proprietary formula of these. All these safe and effective ingredients make it an extremely potent supplement for enhancing your sexual health.

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