Reviewing the Efficiency of the Product Apidren

by maxfitnesshub

Introducing Apidren

Apidren is a weight loss supplement that touts to be powered by a 100 percent natural formulation with six clinically substantiated components working together to obtain ideal results. The manufacturer behind Apidren also purports that their product can help users boost their energy as they reduce their desire to eat, and eventually manage their weight loss process.

If you combine Apidren use with proper nutrition and regular workouts, the company behind this supplement guarantees remarkable physical results, which leads to your leaner, healthier, and happier self.

On the other hand, such claims are no different from that of others. Of course, nutritional companies will promise your great things in order to convince you buy their products. So, customers must need to be cautious before purchasing any supplements. Focus on the facts available and make your judgment based on such information.

This article will help you exactly just that – get to know Apidren further in order to know if this supplement is really helpful as a weight loss product or not. Let’s start!

What’s Up with Weight Gain? Why is Weight Loss Process Hard?

Surely, there’s no definite cause as to why people put on weight. This can be a question of general scope with no specific answer. Most of the time though, the reasons are ingesting high amounts of calories, taking prescriptions, as well as sleep deprivation and struggling with stress. So, instead of answering the “how” question, we’ll talk about the “why”.

preview-full-shutterstock_525472375Basically, putting on weight is due to preserving more calories that you spend. Since your body naturally preserves extra calories, so that this’ll come in handy as energy when you require it, these extra calories are kept as fat.

If the additional calories continue to accumulate in the body as reserve, the quantity and size of these fat cells will keep on growing, until such time that it pushes against the skin and makes the horrible-looking flab.

The predicament here is that it’s not so easy to eliminate this additional fat that has become visible as your body changes. As a matter of fact, a pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Thus, if you decrease you calorie consumption by 500 calories each day, a week is needed in order to lose a mere one pound. That’s how hard it is to lose weight and that’s how it takes some time.

Furthermore, as you put on weight, your body also makes supplementary fat cells in order to preserve all additional energy available. On the other hand, these fat cells only reduce in size when you shed weight. They’re in your body to stay as you restock your system with foods again, which makes you load up with that extra weight again. Simply put, these fat cells remain in your body. If you want them gone without undergoing diet changes, there’s liposuction as an option.

Still, it’s easier to regain weight than it is to lose extra pounds. So, nothing will work really if you’re not willing to make nutritional changes in your diet and overall lifestyle.

Apidren Expected Outcome

Based on the info available on Apidren’s official site, this product only has 2 components involved. These are Sphaeranthus Indicus extract and Garcinia Mangostana extract. These two are both involved in the exclusive blend called CardiaSlim consisting of a total of 400 mg.

On the other hand, its portrayal on seems to be conflicting with the official description on the website. The info on Amazon states that Apidren has six components that are all scientifically verified, including caffeine. This conflicting information can discourage customers.

preview-full-Fat-Loss-dup (1)There’s also the issue of sphaeranthus indicus’ lack of clinical proof despite being considered by many that it can being positive effects when it comes to losing weight. In fact, there’s no scientific confirmation that this ingredient can provide any kind of health benefits. The same goes for mangosteen.

In the case of CardiaSlim, the blend used in Apidren, it touts to go through clinical studies showing that it can generate weight loss effects. According to these studies, participants who took this exclusive blend experienced normal cholesterol when and BMI levels taken alongside health diet and regular workouts in contrast to those who only took placebo. A link was also provided as a reference for this said clinical study.

Bear in mind that this is the only clinical proof given by the company. It only had 60 people in this study, which is a miniscule size when it comes to clinical studies.

Are there Adverse Reactions?

The components in this particular supplement don’t have anything harmful so as to generate serious adverse reactions. If there’s any side effect, it would be a mild stomach discomfort. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that sphaeranthus and mangosteen have only been to the medical industry recently. Given this, proper dose, potential adverse reactions; and it being harmless in the long run hasn’t been determined yet.

Apidren Market Price

The product is accessible in various pricing options, which are as follows:

1 Bottle (30-day supply): $49.95
2 Bottles: $79.95
3 Bottles: $109.95

Buying 2 or more bottles will automatically qualify you for shipping free of charge. On the website, it was also stated that customers will get one free bottle of Apidren 72 Cleanse when you buy 2 or more items. However, it wasn’t indicated on the ordering section when he tried to check out, so we’re not sure if this really applies.

Moreover, Apidren’s manufacturer offers a 90-day refund policy, less shipping and handling fees. If you’re unhappy with your product, you can call 866-917-0541 or email their customer support at [email protected] to request for a refund.

What Users Have to Say?

On, we found 67 user feedbacks for this supplement as of this writing. It had an average score of 2.7 stars out of 5. This generally indicates poor rating.

Around 40 percent of the feedbacks testified to Apidren’s lacking in performance. Customers cited ineffectiveness in producing weight loss results even with proper diet and workouts. There was also one consumer who said the supplement gave them a different kind of “high”, signifying the high content of stimulants in the product, such as the caffeine, which we’ve already stated previously.

But the customers who gave Apidren good feedbacks said this supplement was able to help them repress their desire to eat, which eventually helped them shed pounds. These reviews on Amazon were the only seemingly legitimate feedbacks we’ve come across with. The rest were not genuine testimonials, which were only created for affiliate websites.

Moreover, this weight loss supplement is produced by Advantage Nutraceuticals, LCC that is mainly headquartered in Provo, Utah. Another conflicting info: Amazon listed the manufacturer as NutriPharm. This is because FDA had warned Advantage Nutraceuticals about their supplements violating standards and policies of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 2005.

When checked with the Better Business Bureau as of June 2016, Advantage was not listed. NutriPharm was listed, but it had an F rating even though it only has 6 closed grievances, primarily citing unwarranted additions to original purchases, the challenge customers go through to get refunds, and the significant period it takes before the orders are delivered to customers. It should also be noted that the manufacturer didn’t bother to address these grievances.

Is Apidren Worth a Try?

When buying any supplement for the first time, you’re already doing so at your own risk, hoping it’ll work rather than the opposite, proving your judgment is right.

On the other hand, as for weight loss products such as this one, it’s obvious there are red flags that you as a customer should be keen and cautious about. For instance, the components lack clinical proof, the cost is high, and the consumer reviews are not-so-positive consumer reviews. Even the manufacturer itself has had some issues in the past.

In the end, it is vital to realize that the most effective and safest ways you can do is to eat right and work out regularly. You need to make lifestyle changes if you really want to lose weight and maintain it in order to be fit and healthy. Better yet, speak with your physician to help you with other weight loss options.

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