Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Herbal Drive

by maxfitnesshub

Herbal Drive – At a Glance

Herbal Drive is a testosterone booster that purports a lot of benefits. This includes improved frame of mood, boosted muscle mass, heightened sex drive, and even enhanced mental functions like memory.

More on Herbal Drive

Essentially, the supplement says it can effectively increase one’s testosterone levels the natural way. Of course, the higher the T levels are, the more benefits there are. Herbal Drive’s company claims these benefits below to be obtained through the use of their supplement:

Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Herbal Drive

Improved muscle mass
Augmented mental functions like alertness and recall
Increased energy levels and endurance
Better mood

The question is – how are all these attained? Based on the info on the supplement’s site, Herbal Drive contains potent components that were selected thoroughly for their valuable medicinal traits and antioxidant properties. The ingredients are as follows:

Tribulus terrestris
Horny Goat Weed
Saw Palmetto
Ginko Biloba
Vitamins B2 and E

On the other hand, we’re not certain how Herbal Drive’s formula specifically works in order to generate the aforementioned benefits since information on the product site is limited. Moreover, the company recommends users to consume one tablet of Herbal Drive every other day, or alternately. According to them, you’ll notice its results within 30-60 minutes and that such results can last for 3-5 hours without any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, these results are said to improve in terms of intensity with consistent intake of the product.

Herbal Drive Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

One bottle of the product has 15 tablets, which is good for 30 days. Below are the prices:

1 Bottle with Autoship Enrollment: $59.99
1 Bottle without Autoship Enrollment: $79.99
Buy 2, Get 1 Free with Autoship Enrollment: $159.98

All selections do not include free shipping, so you’ll also have to pay $8.95 for S&H fees. Herbal Drive is also offered with a 30 or 90-refund policy, less S&H. To make this happen, call customer support at 877-570-3836.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Herbal Drive

Though Herbal Drive comes with promising assertions, the components present in its formula lacks clinical proof. For instance, one of its main components, the tribulus terrestris, is claimed to bring out results that can increase the user’s muscle mass and sexual functions. However, despite a lot of people thinking that the ingredient is promising, there’s no sufficient scientific proof to substantiate the claims. As a matter of fact, there’s more scientific data confirming tribulus terrestris to be capable of lowering the body’s good cholesterol levels. Despite this, said ingredient is prominent in supplements like Herbal Drive.

Another factor is the absence of product label. Though we’ve seen the list of components present in Herbal Drive’s formula, we’re not aware of the precise quantity of every component because there’s no product label. Thus, even if the ingredients were effective, they would still be futile if they weren’t in their proper dosage. In terms of ingredients, we’re not only looking at the efficacy of the components, but whether they have enough of it or not.

Moreover, we’re totally clueless about where Herbal Drive comes from. We don’t know anything about its manufacturer and where it is produced. Good quality supplements are manufactured in GMP or FDA-sanctioned laboratories. As for its customer reviews, there aren’t any as of this writing. This probably has something to do with Herbal Drive being a new product in the market. So, we can’t get the customers’ personal experiences with this product and use such information as the basis of our decision.

Besides, Herbal Drive uses autoship programs and many customers don’t have very good experience with such buying arrangement. This is because such purchasing method ends up with the customer being forced to pay for products they don’t really want since their credit cards are automatically charged every month and cancellation of your enrollment is made challenging by many companies. This is not generalizing supplement manufacturers, but consumers need to be aware in order to be more cautious. After all, informed buying is important.

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