A Running Plan You Can Use to Lose Weight

by maxfitnesshub

Lose Weight by Running


Holly Weir has the quick tips to help you drop kilos as you pound the pavement.


The best way to adapt your body to burn fat, and therefore lose weight, is often to actually run slower, not faster, contrary to what many people think. Running fast is good for building strength, but not always great for weight loss. By running slower but for longer, you improve your endurance and this helps your body to burn the fat you need to lose weight. Without the endurance, you’ll always struggle to recover from any harder gym workouts that you do and also won’t lose that weight. Here are some more tips:

If you want to incorporate faster running, do short 50m sprints, focusing on leg speed and good technique.


Run up hills, making sure you concentrate on good form. Slow your legs down and focus on holding your hips up and lifting your knees (think Baywatch running). This always needs to be combined with the long runs.

A good tip for weight loss is to go for a run before breakfast. Your body will then have to burn fat instead of carbs to keep you going.

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