Having Sex with a New Partner? Blow Her Mind with These Tips!

by maxfitnesshub

Have you been dating and now you want to have sex with a new partner? Sometimes this can be difficult to figure out. You don’t know what her sexual preferences are and you don’t know what brings her the most pleasure. How can you have sex with a new pleasure and make sure you blow her mind? Luckily for you, there are some tips that you can use for sex with a new partner to engage her fully in pleasure and an orgasm that will surely blow her mind!

shutterstock_359837495Put Her Head Into It

Don’t take this literally. You aren’t going to put her head into your penis. Well, unless she is into that it is. You need to take the awkward feeling out of having sex with a new partner. If you feel awkward, you can be sure that she is going to feel the same way. Make sure that you get her into the feeling and keep her focused on the pleasure you are giving her. Never ever forget foreplay with a new partner. This is a must to make her feel comfortable and make her excited about having sex with you.

Take Control

You can take control in the most pleasurable ways. She may still be a bit nervous but you can ease up her nerves by taking control. How can you do this and make her feel amazing? You can start by masturbating before you have sex so you aren’t getting lost in your own pleasure before you even start to please her. You are having sex with this woman because she brings you desire. Make sure you take control of yourself before you get her in bed. This will help you to bring her the most pleasure and satisfy her to no end.

shutterstock_162691217Don’t Forget Foreplay

It was briefly mentioned above that you should never ever forget foreplay when you are having sex with a new partner. It needs to be mentioned again. It is going to take her longer to have an orgasm than it takes you, especially when this is her first time having sex with you. It will take her a bit to let her guard down and foreplay can help with that. Stimulating her before sex is like popping the wine cork. You must get it prepped so it can come off with a big bang. That is the analogy you should think about between foreplay and the main event.

Don’t Use Missionary Position

Many men who have sex with a new partner think missionary position is the safest bet. Women do not want that and you can almost bet if that is the position you stick to, she isn’t coming back. If you want to knock her off her feet and back into the bed, don’t use missionary position. There are many highly recommended positions such as reverse cowgirl, cowgirl or even doggie style. Yes, most women love doggie style.

Now that you know what things you need to do when having sex with a new partner, you can make sure it goes amazing for both you and her. Spice up the pleasure and show her why you’re the best sexual partner!

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