Start Having a Better Sex Life Today

by maxfitnesshub

Do you want to start seeing improvements in your sex life today? Yes, it does take some time to have a great sex life but there are certain changes you can make that will help you see a difference today! Even if you are busy you need to make the time for keeping up with your sex life. That could be the one thing that gives you fun in your life and you should make the most of it.


Blindfolds Could be Your Number One

If you want to start having better sex today, you may want to start using blindfolds. There are many ways that blindfolds bring you and your partner more sexual pleasure. If you or your partner can’t see because of the blindfold, your other senses are going to kick in. The person wearing the blindfold is going to be more aware of the touch and sensations they feel. If you have never experienced the use of blindfolds, you and your partner should take turns wearing it. You will be so glad you did and you will never experience a pleasure like this one. Your nerve endings are going to be tingling well after the sex ends too.

Learn and Teach

When having sex, you can’t act like you know everything, because you don’t. When having sex you need to learn things from your sexual partner and teach them things as well. You may not know that they can do certain things with their hands or tongue. They may not know certain positions that will give them an ultimate orgasm. Allow sex to teach you things you never knew and let her do the same as well.



There is something about a sensual massage that sets the sexual relationship in the right direction. You both should try to give each other sensual massages without having sex right afterwards. Not only is this going to get you both aroused but when you do come around to having sex, you are both going to feel many more sensations and much more pleasure as well.

Dress Up and Fantasies

You may not have gotten into any of your fantasies with your sexual partner yet but you should. There is something about dressing up as a cowboy and showing her what you are made of that could turn her on. Maybe she can dress up as a kitty cat and be your pussy cat. Bringing some fantasies into the relationship can bring you both to an orgasm you have never felt before.


There are many sex games you can get online or from a store that will spice up the sexual experiences you have. Maybe you could play a classic game of strip poker. That is always a fun one to play. Make sure there is a sure winner and loser but in the end make sure she gets a reward even if she loses.

Dirty Talk

Many men love dirty talk. When they get to talk dirty to a woman and when she talks dirty to him, they instantly get turned on. If you are one of these men, casually bring it into your sex life. Start smaller to see if she is interested in it and if she is you can turn it up a notch from there. Maybe you can take turns talking dirty to each other.

These are some of the ways that you can start having a better sex life today! You don’t have to wait for something to be just right. Experiment with these tips and see which ones turn you and your sexual partner on the most!

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