Is Testo Charge the Real Deal?

by maxfitnesshub

About the Product

Testo Charge is a testosterone-boosting supplement. It is meant to be taken every day as a male enhancement product. It makes use of an extract from fenugreek plant’s seed in order to enhance your sex life. This is obtained by boosting your sexual functions and your overall satisfaction as well. With increased sex drive, you’re also able to have sex more often, as claimed by Testo Charge’s manufacturer.

These claims aren’t exactly unique since many companies claim the same thing. So, it is our job to make sure that everything about Testo Charge is learned in this review in order to know the real deal. This is important in order to help people make an informed decision.

What are the Components?

Is Testo Charge the Real Deal?

According to the information available to us, Testo Charge’s main component is Testofen. It is said to be composed from the fenugreek seed. It is also touted that this ingredient has been clinically studied and proven to show positive effects when it comes to boosting free testosterone levels in males. It is only normal that with higher levels of testosterone, men are more likely to feel sexual desire, as well as other great results. This includes increased strength and muscles and reduced exhaustion, allowing them to last in their workouts or when having sex.

Also, Testo Charge contains Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 in order to help with Testofen’s assimilation so as to create testosterone more efficiently. The recommended dose is to consume a single tablet of the supplement two times per day.

Product Mechanism

According to details, the main ingredient Testofen also contains hundreds of phytochemicals. These rouse the hypothalamus to release codes for secreting hormones from the pituitary gland. The released hormones then get transformed to testosterone. The brand itself hasn’t gone through clinical trial, but Testofen, the main ingredient in the supplement, has proven to work in clinical studies.

Product Features

Is Testo Charge the Real Deal?

The company behind Testo Charge offers a satisfaction guarantee.
The main component in the supplement has been proven to be effectual.
It also has added ingredients, which are mostly vitamins and minerals.
The process of purchase and delivery is secured.

On the other hand, Testo Charge doesn’t have libido-boosters and other ingredients for increasing energy unlike other testosterone boosters.

Place of Purchase

Buying Testo Charge is easy. You can order directly from its company site. A bottle which has 60 tablets is priced at $29.99. There’s also a free trial being promoted on the website. We tried getting said free trial, but it appears we would still be charged for its full price, which is almost $30. According to the information, free trial will also enroll customers to recurring shipments, which will cost them $35.99 per month.

Bottom Line

It’s understandable how men, especially the ones who are getting older, just want to regain their strength and their sex drive. Hence, they try testosterone boosters like Testo Charge. It’s fine as long as the ingredients are really natural, safe, and effective. While it’s good that Testo Charge’s has natural components, it’s hard to make a decision as to its potential because of some confusing information on the website.

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