Tips on Building Muscle Any Time of the Year

by maxfitnesshub

Some people end up losing their workout motivation at certain points throughout the year. If this is the case for you, something needs to be done. You need the best tips on building muscle any time of the year. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are following through with the same workout plan long enough but not too long. If your body gets used to the workout program, you aren’t going to build muscle. You need to vary the workouts you do before your body gets used to them. You could vary the number of sets, intensity of the workout, angle of bench pressing machine and other things as well. If you have been doing slower cardio exercises you may want to switch to some higher intensity exercises for a bit. If you are ready to build muscle any time of the year, follow these tips.

Balance Changes

If you want to keep building muscle throughout the year, you need to change the progression of balance. When you stand on one foot you are utilizing static balance. It isn’t complicated. When you stand on one foot and do dynamic balance such as standing on a wobble board, that becomes a bit more difficult. When you stand on one foot, on a wobble board and add some weights, you are utilizing complex balance. You should keep increasing your ability to utilize the different types of balance all year. You can easily search for different balance type exercises.


Speed Changes

You will also need to change your speeds if you are going to build muscle all year long. When you are lifting weights at a slower, controlling speed, you are keeping your muscles in slow-twitch rate. When you aren’t utilizing fast-twitch rate your muscles may stay maintained but you won’t be growing muscle. To benefit your muscle growth, you need to do some of the exercises you would normally do in slow-twitch rate faster. You can do some that you do in fast-twitch slower as well. Switching this around from time to time is going to help you build muscle.


Focus on Your Eyes

Did you know that the benefits you get from working out will vary based on whether your eyes are open or closed? It is true. The balance of your body, how aware you are of your muscles contracting and other things will vary depending on whether your eyes are open or closed. Try doing a barbell squat with your eyes open and then try doing it again with your eyes closed. Try this same thing with a balance-type exercise. You will immediately feel a difference. There is not just a difference in how you feel but how your muscles respond as well. Whenever you can safely do so, you should try to do exercise with your eyes closed.


The load you are using while working out should vary as well. You can start with using smaller weights but eventually your body is going to become used to lifting that much weight. When lifting a certain number of pounds gets easier, you should go to a higher number of pounds. Don’t wait until your body is fully used to it or you won’t continue growing muscles throughout the entire year. You don’t have to add a bunch of weight. Do just enough to keep the work outs somewhat difficult for you.

Now that you have a better idea on how you can build muscle all year long, you can get started. If you have lost motivation, change up your load, focus on your eyes, change your speed or change your balance. The idea is pretty straightforward. When you get bored with something or your body gets too used to a work out, you aren’t going to want to keep up with it. All it takes is a simple change to keep yourself going. You can do it and you can start with these changes today if you need to.

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