Do You Want to Please a Woman? These are Myths You Must Know!

by maxfitnesshub

Are you having a hard time pleasing a woman? If you didn’t know it already, sometimes it can be difficult to find out how women work. Every woman is different. There are some things that may irritate one woman that don’t irritate the rest. There are some things that some women love doing and others hate, especially when it comes to sex and pleasure. If you want to learn how to please a woman, there are some myths that you need to know about.

Woman Are Going to Orgasm if You Are Big Enough

preview-full-shutterstock_409020598One of the main myths that men believe is that woman are going to orgasm if they have a big enough erection or if their erection is hard enough. The truth is that only around 20 percent of women will reach an orgasm even when a man has a larger penis. Most women need more than just the penetration part of sex. They need to be aroused. You can start by stimulating her through more foreplay. Many women explain sex as 75% foreplay, 20% action and 5% sex. If you want to please your woman, don’t focus so much on the actual penetration. Focus more on the foreplay and how much action you give her.

Men Believe the Longer Their Erection is the More Satisfied a Woman Will Be

If you are one of the many men who believe that if you have a longer lasting erection, your woman will be more satisfied, you need to change your thinking. Many women are completely satisfied with about half an hour of sex. Too much more causes a lot of friction and she would be very sore afterwards. If you are planning on having sex longer than half an hour, be sure that you use lubrication so you can keep her wet. About eight minutes of the half hour should be the penetration, the rest can be foreplay and other action.

Women Are Disappointed by Premature Ejaculation

Yes, it might be very embarrassing for you if you have premature ejaculation. However, that doesn’t mean it is disappointing for women when this happen. When most men ejaculate prematurely, they stop having sex at that moment. Don’t let your embarrassment ruin the sexual experience for the woman. As long as you continue to please her until she reaches her climax and is able to orgasm, she isn’t going to care so much about your premature ejaculation.

Men Know How to Touch Women

preview-full-shutterstock_209470804Just because you have had a lot of sex before, that doesn’t mean you will know exactly how this woman in your life wants to be touched. Many men believe that they know everything about how to touch women and where they want to be touched. It needs to be mentioned that women are all different and they all have different sexual needs. Each woman is satisfied in their own way. Don’t assume that you already know what a woman wants. Make sure you pay attention to her movements, facial expressions and listen to what she says if she talks about what pleases here.

Hard and Fast Sex is the Best

If you are one of the many men who believe that hard and fast sex is the best way to get your woman to climax, you are wrong. The majority of women would rather take sex slow. They need you to be in it all the way. When you are going too fast, you aren’t paying attention to her needs. Spend some time slowly kissing her and touching her. You need to make sure you get her aroused first and you can’t do that when you are speeding things along.

Women Will be Fine with Oral Sex

If you believe that women will be fine with oral sex, don’t. The truth is that most women never want to try this kind of sex and you need to be okay with that.

Now you know how to please a woman. These are some myths that many men believe about pleasing a woman. Now that you have the information right here for you, you can make sure you please women the right way.

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