Ways to Last Longer in Bed

by maxfitnesshub
Ways to Last Longer in Bed

There is nothing worse than finally getting your chance to get it in and having it only last a total of two minutes. Never mind the fact that you didn’t even get to really enjoy it, now you have the dread reputation of being a minute man. While those days have come and gone if you follow this comprehensive guide on ways to last longer in bed. No more trying to think about your mom and your sister hugging to try and stop from blowing your stack.

  1. Shut off your grey matter

Your grey matter does not matter when you are between the sheets. Remember that. You don’t need to be smart to have sex, and I think we have an entire planet filled with people to prove it. Thinking will heighten your performance anxiety. Not thinking will help you improve your performance. We all know that your cock and your brain are entirely different and do not need one another to make decisions. Think with your second head.Use the pause button

  1. Use the pause button

Ladies prefer that you take a short breather than just blow your load entirely leaving her hanging. Women are patient and pausing can leave her wanting more, tease her and make her beg for more. It helps the sex last longer. There are tons of things you can do while you gain your composure before diving in for more. Perform oral sex, finger her, rub her clit with the head of your penis before taking the plunge. This can also help her to edge to have a more intense orgasm.

  1. Do Your Man Kegels

What are man kegels you might ask? Kegels are just another work for exercising your PC muscle. These are the muscles that help you stop and go while you are taking a piss. These also help give you more control of your ejaculation. Do 3 sets of 10 daily of flexing these same urinating muscles to help you be able to clench better on command. This can also help give you better erections as the flexing motion similar to pumping a fist gives you harder erections from the increased blood flow.

  1. Count it out

Straight from the ancient knowledge of the Kama Sutra, is the 7-9 sex technique. What is the 7-9 you ask? It is a series of 7 fast pumps followed by 9 slower thrusts. This rhythm helps you last longer by focusing your mind elsewhere, allowing you to move rapidly, but then slowly to catch your breath. The added bonus, is that it is a perfect rhythm to help build a hearty female orgasm. It also serves a meditative mental distraction to help you shut your brain off and quiet your performance anxiety.Use cock ring

  1. The Cock Ring

You don’t hear much about these anymore, for what reason I don’t know, they just seemed to go out of vogue a while ago never to return. Applying this kind of pressure to the correct part of the penis can stimulate blood flow and help you keep it up. You need to place the ring under the penis head. While a cock ring might not seem to hot and bothering, neither does not being able to get it up or busting after 1 minute of penetration. Have your partner applying it for you.

  1. Don’t fall in the deep end

You don’t need to try and break open her cervix. You can build up your thrust depth. Don’t start pounding right out of the gate. The lower vaginal area helps a woman ease into the sex without it hurting or there being too much pressure.

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