It’s Wedding Season: How Do You Buy the Perfect Ring?

by Max Fitness Hub Staff
diamond engagement ring in a blue velvet jewelry box

        Wedding season is finally here, and a ton of couples are starting to think about getting married. I often wonder why this happens, and I often wonder why every year when wedding season comes around, more couples start to talk about shopping for a ring and all that wedding stuff. Maybe it’s because they constantly see wedding pictures being posted on social media, maybe it’s because they’ve recently been in a wedding, or maybe it’s because they’ve been together for a while and are finally ready to tie the knot. Whatever the case may be, wedding season is finally here.

        Yes, I know I started and ended that paragraph with the same phrase. I did that because I want to put emphasis on the fact.

        So, now that it is here, I want to give you my well-thought out advice to picking out the perfect ring (if you’re ready to make that life-long commitment, that is). And yes, even though I’m a woman, we girls still understand that picking out a ring comes with a lot of unnecessary pressure. I mean, you’re not going to go up to the woman you’re about to spend the rest of your life with and demand she pick her own damn ring. And, you’re not going to go up to her and ask her 100 questions about the ring of her dreams. You want to surprise her, make her feel special, and sweep her off her feet. That’s exactly what I’m going to help you do! Here we go guys.

First, determine the budget you’re working with.

Before you think what I think you’re about to think, don’t think it. Yes, I’m talking about the whole ‘3 months’ salary’ rule. It’s not reliable; Don’t purchase a ring off of this.

woman surprised at wedding proposal from boyfriendInstead, get the best ring for the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Consider things like the cut of the diamond. The cut of the diamond makes all the difference. If you were to go with a style that is cut in the shape of an emerald or a pear, the diamond will look bigger. If you’re going for something that will make the center diamond pop, choose the halo ring – this ring has a bunch of tiny diamonds surrounding the bigger diamond, therefore creating an illusion to the eye, making the middle diamond look bigger.

Cut your spending where you can, if your budget is not that large.

No, I’m not suggesting you should cheap out on your girl. However, I am suggesting you cut costs where you can.

Okay, listen to my words of wisdom. If you’re aiming to buy her a 1-carat diamond ring, take it down just a notch. Get something that is just under 1-carat. The appearance will not change at all, she’ll barely notice it’s not a full carat; Plus, you’ll save a ton of cash this way, and she’ll still be satisfied.

Make sure you get the correct ring size (or as close to the correct ring size as physically possible).

The size matters, the ring size, that is. She doesn’t want to think that you went into the jeweler’s shop ‘blind,’ and that you couldn’t even take the time to get as close to the right size as possible. Plus, she doesn’t want to have to keep going back to resize the bloody thing.

Trust me, though, this is a lot easier than you think it is. Call up one of her close friends or family members and talk to them about it (preferably one that won’t spill the beans). Also, take a ring from her jewelry box or her bureau that she won’t notice has gone missing. Remember to return it to where you found it as soon as possible, though, because if she even gets the slightest hint, it won’t be a surprise any longer. You could even take the ring for a few hours and order an online plastic fake ring to use for sizing purposes from here on out.

Choose a ring that’s her style.

I understand hearing your lady say ‘no’ to your proposal is the worst thing that could happen. However, there is a second scenario that could go bad, too. And that would be if she absolutely can’t stand the ring you chose for her. You need to make sure she falls in love with the ring and falls in love with the setting of the ring.

diamond engagement ring on red backgroundFor starters, make yourself aware of the different shapes you can select to put in the ring. Some of the most commonly known shapes are the round, the princess, and the pear. As for the setting of the ring, this refers to where the diamond is placed on the ring.

For example, see the following suggestions:

  • If she’s classy and reserved, she’ll most likely like round-cut rings.
  • If she’s stylish and modern, she’ll most likely like princess-cut rings.
  • If she’s daring and passionate, she’ll most likely like emerald-cut rings.
  • If she’s social and traditional, she’ll most likely like three-stone rings.
  • If she’s courageous and artsy, she’ll most likely like tension rings.
  • If she’s feminine and playful, she’ll most likely like halo rings.
  • If she’s romantic and classic, she’ll most likely like heart-shaped rings.

        In addition to all of the tips I’ve provided to you thus far, I should also warn you that protecting your investment is a good idea. Think about it this way: This investment will be one of the most expensive you ever put your money into, and it will be something your lady will wear forever. So, just insure the damn thing. Ask your jeweler if you have any additional questions regarding this matter.


By Jenny Lyn

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