Weight Watchers Vs. NutriSystem

by Max Fitness Hub Staff

It can be difficult to find a diet that works for you. Sometimes diets don’t always deliver the benefits you believe they will offer you or other times they cost too much. However, a fun place to pick up dieting tips is the TV. In fact, many stations play commercials featuring diet plans that can help you lose weight. Programs like Weight Watchers and NutriSystem present celebrities who have lost weight with their programs and tell their stories to everyday people. But what do these programs do that is so inventive that helps people lose weight? Here is a breakdown of both Weight Watchers and NutriSystem diet plan:


Have you ever wished you could recreate the magic of lunch in elementary school? Of course, you remember the feeling of happiness coursing through your tiny body as you held your Disney themed lunch box in your hands. You knew your mom had packed your lunch fresh this morning and there was a sandwich to your liking and a snack or two inside. But that wasn’t your favorite part. You wanted to see the note that she carefully hid inside telling you she loved you.

Never say never ladies and gentlemen because NutriSystem found a way to recreate that emotional hysteria all over again. With NutriSystem, you receive monthly prepared meals through the mail. These meals consist of three entrees, one snack, and one dessert for Weight Watchers Vs. NutriSystemdaily consumption. In fact, NutriSystem acts like your mom by choosing your meals for you. These meals are customized to fit the needs of dieting men, women, and people with diabetes. You can request to select your own menu, but there will be an upcharge for that request. Also, it is suggested that if you want to replace NutriSystem food that you replace it with fresh produce and low-fat items. These products will help you stay healthy even if you’re going to stray from NutriSystem.

In addition, it is not required by NutriSystem but is suggested that when you’re on the program that you at least participate in some form of daily exercise. While NutriSystem has no program for fitness related matters, it will benefit you if you try to exercise more. Therefore, if you use NutriSystem while exercising you’ll lose weight potentially faster. In fact, NutriSystem is perfect for people on the go because it’s low in cost. Unlike other diet plans, there is no fees or charges for every necessity. You just select your plan, and you’re done. You don’t have to think about dieting anymore.

Although, NutriSystem doesn’t have many social programs like meetings, parties, or fun activities. For some that can be a deterrent since other people encourage them to push themselves and be better. Social programs can be critical when you’re trying to improve your well-being. However, NutriSystem does provide people with a working diet plan. Every month can be like a day in your elementary school cafeteria. Where you sit down and pick through the fascinating food NutriSystem has chosen for you. If wondering about the note that’s always carefully hidden inside don’t worry that’s just the bill.

Weight Watchers

One of the essential differences between NutriSystem and Weight Watchers is that Weight Watchers allows its customers to choose their own food. Instead of giving them a traditional diet plan, Weight Watchers enables each customer to make his or her decision about the food they want to eat. In fact, Weight Watchers even gives food a point value, so people don’t have to count calories they can count points instead. The daily allowance of points is different for everyone depending on weight, age, and sex. However, over time these strategies teach people how to lose and maintain weight through a healthy diet and daily exercise.

Weight Watchers Vs. NutriSystemIn fact, there are weekly meetings held at a Weight Watchers center. These meetings discuss weight loss tips, progress, and distress over weight loss, and offer emotional support. These meetings usually last up to an hour and typically begin with a weigh in. However, these meetings are not meant to be discouraging to newcomers who are nervous about losing weight. Weekly meetings should be a positive affair and looked like a great opportunity to make friends. After all, you already have something in common with the people around you why not speak to one another?

Instead of rushing to lose weight, Weight Watchers should be looked like a progressive weight loss program. A person should try to lose only one to two pounds per week to successfully lose weight systematically. In fact, it’s recommended that you eat high in fiber and reduced fat foods. These foods are even given a low point value, so a person can eat a lot of them. Celebrities have also tried Weight Watchers. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Hudson used Weight Watchers before and lost weight because of it. If they can do it so can you!

However, the one downside to Weight Watchers is that is expensive. There is a twenty-dollar starter free add that to the cost of weekly meetings which start at twelve dollars and then the food. At each step Weight Watchers makes you pay for losing weight. However, if you have the money, then it’s no problem. But if you don’t then you might want to think long term before you make an investment that could hinder your lifestyle.

But overall, NutriSystem and Weight Watchers are effective weight loss programs. Each one offers different benefits to different people who have chaotic lives and might need one versus the other. While Weight Watchers teaches a person good eating habits, Nutrisystem provides people with a quick and easy dieting routine. With Weight Watchers you’ll receive the support from peers from your community, but you’ll also have to pay for it too. There are numerous reasons why a person might want to use Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem services; however, it’s essential that if you choose to use their services that you do it for yourself.

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