by David Johnson


Nothing is as demoralizing as hitting the gym so hard with no result to show especially when your body has been heavily subjected to lifting heavy weights over a long time. It is quite devastating and frustrating.


Nevertheless, if this is your lot, it opens up several issues – most importantly, some crucial things you haven’t been taking into consideration.  This may not be your fault nor may it be someone else’s. But, the problem remains the fact that you haven’t been bulking up despite subjecting yourself to rigorous weight lifting sessions. Now, what you have to do is to stay glued to this piece as it contains the solution to your age-long problems. It holds the answer to those unanswered questions of yours.


It’s not just about lifting explosive weights. It’s much more than that.


Lets’ get started on the meals


buff guy who has been using Progentra holding a plate of green salad

Have you at any point reminisced on the meals you eat and how you’ve been feeding too? In fact, this is the starting point. How we look as humans is a product of what we take into our body system. The nutrients the body saps from the food we eat is what it processes into muscles. Funny enough, most people are not aware that the body burns a whole lot of calories daily. While we go about our day-to-day activities, moving from pillar to post, walking, jogging, swimming, sporting, and engaging in all of these activities, our body continues to burn excess fat accumulated in our body. This is quite expected of the body as we are enabled to go about our normal daily businesses in perfect health.


Now, it’s the case that if you desire something more, you have gone the extra mile. So what next when you don’t get the desired results, consider going back to the kitchen – check your meals.


Having said this, there’s also the need to ensure that the food has enough protein in it. Protein is essential for building the body and as such, it must be taken in large quantity for its effect to be felt in the body. So, incorporate high protein meals such as eggs, chicken, red beef, dried beans, and so on into your meal. It will surely make a difference.


Three square meals; not enough


Most people are used to the idea that eating three times daily – breakfast, lunch, and dinner; is okay for the body. Of course, it is but for you, it isn’t. Want to know why?


Your goal is to build muscles, to bulk up like the incredible hulk. So there’s no way eating just thrice daily can give you the kind of results you desire. Ensure your mouth is always on the move. Ensure it’s always looking for some munch to crunch.


Hence, to see your muscles bulging, eat more.


Do other drills


Weight lifting is an exercise that focuses on building strength and body stamina. That’s the purpose it serves. You deserve to know that, the more you lift weights, the more your body becomes empowered with strength. However, to get more fitness results like getting abs and adding more muscles, do other workout drills. Some workouts are good for calisthenics. There’s the push-ups, stretch exercise, and the likes. By doing variety, your body is challenged from different angles, hence, you begin to see remarkable results.  Push-ups are quite good for the arms shoulders and chest muscles. Aerobic exercises are good too. The point is, making formidable progress in fitness training is not limited to just one particular kind of exercise. Incorporate barbells and dumbbells too. The blend makes it all better


Hydrate properly


Achieving fitness goals entails a lot of things – including those things we never thought are important. Many things can be ignored when it comes to working out. For instance, you can decide to change your workout plan, you can decide what kit to wear whether Adidas or Nike, the place of water is indispensable. Its effect on your result can be quite devastating if your body doesn’t get enough of it. So, quit demeaning the impact of water on you and start falling in love with your water bottles. Drink enough water. As much as you can and as often as you can.





This also an angle I’d like to explore. If you’ve not been getting results from rigorous exercises and workouts, maybe it’s high time you also consider how consistent you’ve been. This is quite important. Everyone desires good things and all that, but not everyone is man enough to pay the price in the place of being consistent. Of course, you have a goal, but for this goal to materialize, you must be consistent, steadfast, diligent, and committed to your workout plan.



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